Thank You, Bernie

It was a good fight. It was fair. Apparently, he knew enough about the outcome in Wisconsin that he saw no path forward.

Now, Bernie, it is up to you to stand by what you said, “Look, if I lose this thing, Joe wins,” Sanders said in their only one-on-one debate. “Joe, I will be there for you.”, and get your supporters to also line up behind Biden and win the Oval Office back.

10 thoughts on “Thank You, Bernie

    1. Jim, the candidates that dropped out were in the same lane as Biden. They endorsed him as their policies were similar. Klobuchar (my first choice) and Buttiegieg could have just dropped out and disappeared, a la Warren (who went back to work in the Senate). But they felt it was important for the moderate wing to win the nomination as a better opportunity to beat Trump. – IMHO

      The only question of fairness was the change to allow Bloomberg is one debate appearance. We all know how THAT turned out.

      The DNC kept it much straight forward this year than in 2016.

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    2. @jim

      I’ll have to agree with you. My eyebrows certainly were raised when I saw the other candidates dropping out and supporting the best Democratic option.

      The DEMs will typically screw up a free lunch with every opportunity they’re given. With Bernie out and the Party consolidating around Biden it should provide the best chance to excise the cancer currently occupying the WH.

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    3. @Jim

      I think reports of DNC determining the outcome of the nomination process are exaggerated. Just as in 2016 primary voters decided which way it would go. Neither then nor now did Sanders get nearly enough support where it counts. Much to my disappointment. I voted for him in 2016. Warren in 2020. Both are promoting ideas and policies that the country sorely needs and with the disruptions of the status quo by the virus, even more so.

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  1. Well, I’ve always said that Uncle Joe would make the perfect sacrificial donkey. For after he loses, Dems can thank him for his service and kindly bid him farewell. Subsequently, they can turn their attention to 2024.

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        1. LOL . . . Jimmie is a scripted, robotic zombie. The poor little fella does not like it when they rock his left-wing bubble.

          If he really believes that poor old Uncle Joe has chance against Mr Trump, he is even more stupid than I thought.


  2. Except that he and his campaign leaders just can’t bring themselves to just GET OUT. So, they have to roll into the convention as if the majority of Democrats (which he isn’t even one of) can’t do a convention without them. I was sick of them in 2016 and their ignorance at that year’s convention. Sorry for being so blunt, but BSanders just appears to be continuing his ‘get off my lawn’ angry, old dude imitation. JMMHO

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