7 thoughts on “Finally, the answers we’ve all been waiting for.

  1. Horse hockey!

    November 15…my bride of 35 years walked into our house, hollered “CRAIG!” as loud as she could, and we commenced unloading her Subaru.

    There was a 54 roll package of butt-wipe (we inked the date).

    Before posting my reply? There are 12 unused rolls in our home while the grocery store shelves remain empty.


    1. So in 5 months you have used 42 rolls, if my math is correct. About 8 1/2 rolls per month.

      So you have around 5 weeks to go (pun intended) before going Middle Eastern.

      Soon you will need a contingency plan to replenish your personal SPS (Strategic Paskewic Stockpile).

      Call up a commercial janitorial supply house and order a case of TP. I used to own a commerical building and got a kick out of some of the packaging. A huge box of TP was labeled “Professional Toilet Paper”.

      Professional? I guess some post-grad work in butt wiping might be necessary.

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      1. Funny how the professional stuff is less “comfortable” than the amateur TP.

        Having a colostomy, TP is a minor issue for me. I do not use it as often, nor as much. However, supplies are getting short around the homestead.

        A customer told me of a commercial place in Norfolk that apparently has plenty. Now I wish I had written down the company name and address.

        And Craig, Len, You guys do realize this is s shitty argument to be having? đź’©


      2. Your math is wrong…but thanks for participating in political games.

        While SWMBO bought a 54 pack of butt-wipe in November? At least 18 of them were given away over the past few weeks.


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