Perhaps an answer to “Why hydroxychloroquine?”

Trump has a minor stake. His allies, a lot more. I hate to be cynical, but it is further evidence that the only American Trump truly cares about is himself … and some of his fellow billionaires.

Are we hopeful that this could be a helpful medication for treating those suffering from COVID-19? Yes. But why is it that anecdotal evidence is outweighing science and proper testing?

9 thoughts on “Perhaps an answer to “Why hydroxychloroquine?”

  1. Making a buck is the last thing on Trump’s mind. YOu guys are the ones obsessed with money.

    As to proper testing, what makes you think the testing being done is proper or meaningful?

    All I’ve heard Fauci comment on is the viral load reduction, which is weak, but HCQ is also an immune system moderator and there is no test for that other than patient outcome. Fauci is focusing on things that can be measured objectively and put on a spreadsheet. Patient outcome does not lend itself to that kind of measure at least in the early stages.


    1. @Tabor

      “Making a buck is the last thing on Trump’s mind”

      That is laughable. First you have no way of knowing and the evidence points in the other direction starting with his concern for the markets over the lives of the American people. Then there is the delay while his toadies in the Senate tried to create a secretive and unaccountable slush fund that Trump could draw from. Finally, there is the fact that the Trump empire is leveraged up to the hilt and will collapse if people take social distancing as seriously as they must.

      There may be other things on his mind – like his place in history as the worst President ever, but grubbing for money is NEVER the last thing on his mind.


        1. And you are blinded by your undying loyalty to a man who is attempting to fulfill all of your hopes and dreams about the government.

          So the scientist doctor isn’t as smart as the social scientist? Or the doctor-in-chief? Anecdotal patient outcomes have shown promise, but the medicine is not a silver bullet and Trump keeps playing it up, even though the scientists that he brought onboard have said it’s not a good idea until properly tested.

          And then there are those who have made claims that hydroxychloroquine is a PREVENTATIVE medicine, when you know damn well it is not. What say you to them?

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      1. @Tabor

        One of us is blinded by something. It is not me. I do not hate Trump. That would involving wishing him and his family horrible misfortune. I don’t.

        No, it is definitely you who is blind, or pretends to be, to the never ending evidence of the totally banal, greedy, self-centered, incompetent, lazy, stupid, uncivil and generally despicable person you constantly try in vain to defend. Even as his malfeasance is dooming many, many thousands of people to a avoidable death. Maybe even you and I. But that’s okay. Trump hates the government and “the collective” almost as much as you do.

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    2. So far, the results of using the HCQ regimen are not encouraging. Link is from yesterday.

      New trial in France got even worse results than the first one touted as possibly effective. Plus the extent of the illness in the first trial is questionable since most had little fever.

      By all means, let us plow ahead like “any port in a storm”. Just so long as it doesn’t keep researchers from doing serious work. Remember, however that HCQ has rough side effects, including heart damage.

      Importantly, this drug is not a preventative. Touting its efficacy, whether true or not, can do more damage than the disease itself if desperate people do desperate things.

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      1. I had already read that article. It is one of the ones that concern me and it focuses on the antiviral action instead of the immune system moderation.

        If we can modify the course of the disease so it doesn’t kill you before your body naturally overcomes the virus, that’s as good as killing the virus.

        I don’t know if HCQ will prove to be a game changer or not, but if all they do is look at the antiviral actions, we won’t really know any more after the trial than before.


    3. …”what makes you think the testing being done is proper or meaningful?”

      Obviously you believe it isn’t. Otherwise, you would not have made such a statement. I guess your years in dentistry outweighs the professionals, both public and private, what kind of testing is being done and what kind isn’t.


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