Why FDA approval maybe should not be abridged.


I had seen on the CNN crawl this morning something about “crappy” test kits that only require notification to the FDA that a company is going to market test kits. This should be concerning to any one not being tested using and FDA-approved test.

As stated in the news report: “”These nonapproved tests can produce false results and lead to unintended negative consequences for the individual and the broader community,” Dr. Nichole Quick said in a March 26 statement. “For example, a negative result from a nonapproved testing kit may lead an individual  who in fact has Covid-19 to think they are healthy and not capable of spreading the virus.”

I get that regulations may be overbearing to some. However, when discussing this particular issue, maybe those who were so gung-ho to bash the FDA should reconsider exactly what they do provide.

10 thoughts on “Why FDA approval maybe should not be abridged.

  1. There are good reasons that we have organizations like the FDA, FSIS and CFPB. The so-called “free market” is full of unscrupulous scum bags whose ONLY goal is to separate people from their money.

    And speaking of snake oil, yesterday Trump injected himself into a question asked of Dr. Fauci to stop him from answering a simple question about the “game changer” drug that Trump has been touting.

    The question Trump found objectionable . . . “What is the medical evidence?”


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  2. Remember, Dems and the fakestream media have no interest whatsoever in mitigating the effects of the Wuhan Virus. They believe that dead Americans is good for them politically.

    That means they literally want YOU to die!


    1. You know what? You’re as asshole. Quoting professionals, as the “fakestream” media does, shows how idiotic your posts are.

      Right now the only one I wish would die is YOU. Take your troll shit elsewhere. It beings nothing constructive to ANY discussion and shows exactly where your loyalties lie. And they aren’t with this country.


      1. If you recall, the CNN whistleblower provided audio-video evidence, which proved that no one can say ANYTHING that is not critical of Mr Trump. (Jeff Zucker’s rules.)

        What are their qualifications?

        CNN – The Most Busted Name in Fake News


          1. I just get tired of the bullshit from him. He makes outlandish statements that do nothing to promote discussion, but just pisses people like me (and I think you and others) off.

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    1. It is Dr. Fauci who has made the statements concerning hyrdoxychloroquine. The “media” only reports on it. Maybe it is Dr. Fauci you should be demeaning.


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