The pandemic is a global problem.

It looks like China and Canada are helping each other. Perhaps Trump could lighten the cross border trade on PPE’s with our closest trading partners. Evidently Canadians are helping us already. No visas for viruses.

5 thoughts on “The pandemic is a global problem.

  1. Now we pick fights with Canada?

    I feel ashamed for my Country, we look like imbeciles….

    How in the hell did we come to this?


    1. Oh, come on.

      You know damn good and well you’d be blasting Trump if allowed the export of critical PPEs while doctors and nurses her in the US were in peril for lack of them.

      If Trump says A you’d favor B unless he said B and then A would be right.

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      1. Honestly, I don’t see it as a binary choice.

        He could work out a “deal” or arrangement using his Statesmanship and deaf negotiating skills.

        Not everything is either, or….

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  2. The Chinese have reopened their wet-markets, which is either an indication of insanity, or an admission that the Wuhan Virus actually came from one of their bio-weapon labs.

    I don’t want anything from that criminal cartel.


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