Is it time to nuke China?

OK, maybe not nuke, but there have to be consequences.

No cite, heard on Bartiromo this morning. China was quietly buying up the world supply of PPEs in the month prior to coming forward with the pandemic potential of Covid-19, or as I prefer, the Lying, Murderous Chinese virus.

6 thoughts on “Is it time to nuke China?

  1. @Tabor

    True colors. Thanks.

    The actual timeline is far shorter than lying liars make it out to be.

    1. In December a mysterious cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown cause occurred in Wuhan.
    2. On December 30th the Chinese whistle blowing doctor published his fears of a dangerous epidemic in an on-line chat room. A week later he was reprimanded. A month later he died.
    3. On December 31st the existence of this cluster was made public.
    4. On January 8th Chinese researchers announced that a new form of corona virus was responsible but it was not known if it was transmitted by animals or from person to person.
    5. On January 11th China announced its first death
    6. On January 20th cases caused by human to human contact were found in other countries.
    7. On January 23rd the city of Wuhan was sealed off. All transportation service from Wuhan was cancelled.

    It is hard to see from these facts how xenophobic assholes can come up with the bullshit that you spew. For example, there was no “month prior to coming forward.”

    China MAY have dithered and downplayed the problem for a few days but nothing like the two months of lies and inaction that Trump blessed our country with after he was first informed of the danger in January.

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    1. Trump’s denial/dithering was, and is, the MOST salient point relative to the “extra” deaths that will/are occurring.

      Yes, any other blaming is just part of the distract/deflect/blame model embraced by the cult.

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  2. I wonder if all this China bashing even considers why it is not in their interest to close the world markets for their goods.

    At best, the virus info was covered up for a few weeks. But on January 3, the Chinese equivalent of our CDC director , Mr, Gao, talked directly to ours and filled him in on how serious this was.

    Then it was another 30 days of dithering before any minor travel restrictions were put into place by Trump.

    The infighting was wrapped around the “panic” and market effects of restricting travel from China. Meanwhile, 14,000 travelers per day were entering the US from China.

    I think there were parallels between the actions of Xi and Trump. Both downplayed the virus for fears of economic and political damage. Poor judgement by both. Xi, however, responded faster once it became obvious that this was a pandemic.

    We waited for another 2 1/2 months after that phone call from Gao before the announcement from the administration that this was serious.

    And yet, Trump knew it was a pandemic, but wanted to give us hope. Lying is not giving hope. It is sowing uncertainty and mistrust. FOX and friends bashed critics and media relentlessly and did so for blatant political gain.

    We will get through this. But the Republicans, the right wing media, and the administration need to be held accountable by not allowing revisionist history to take hold.


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