Voter Suppression Works

This is the second time in as many days that a REPUBLICAN has said that vote-by-mail would be “devastating” to GOP candidates. Trump said the other day there would never be another Republican president if we went that route.

It appears as if all of the reports saying the GOP is trying to suppress voting are not only true, but is the plan all along.

34 thoughts on “Voter Suppression Works

  1. Yeah, voter participation is really scary for the minority party. Mitch said as much when the voter security bill came across his desk from the House at the end of last year.

    The words from Trump and the Georgia congressman might be some of the few truths to pass either’s lips.

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      1. What is it about Republicans (and Libertarians) not wanting every eligible voter to exercise their right to vote? Oh, right. Like the State Rep from Georgia said, “It would be devastating to GOP candidates.” And why would that be the case? Because if people are allowed to vote, without intimidation, closing of polling places, onerous ID requirements (and yes some of them are onerous on certain parts of the populace), they will vote for the candidates which are truly on the side of the people.

        If Libertarians are truly about the PEOPLE, why do you claim voter fraud when your (GOP) candidate of choice loses?


        1. Libertarians are about people, not ‘the people.’

          Certainly people should be able to vote if they choose to, but party activists should not be voting on their behalf if they do not.


          1. Please tell me you are referring to NC-9 and not your anecdotal story of your best friend’s sister’s cousin’s dog catcher’s grandmother.

            So THE people are not people? Interesting. How does that work exactly? Only YOUR people, not ALL people.

            And maybe if Libertarians learned about THE people, they might actually get some of THE people onboard.


          2. I see you don’t get the difference between people and ‘the people.’

            ‘The people’ is that fiction on whose behalf atrocities are committed.


          3. So this is now a piece of fiction:

            We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

            OK, Mr Constitution.


          4. I thought I had given you enough to go on. j

            Libertarians are about individual rights, and our rights are most in danger from the the demands of the collective, “the people.”

            The framers of the Constitution spoke of the individual people of the United States establishing a Constitution to protect our rights against the tyranny of the majority, which is what they most feared.


          5. The people are made up of those individuals. Yet it appears to me hat only certain individuals are entitled to what YOU think is their rights.

            Elections have consequences is all we heard in 2017. Then the table turned and the majority became the minority. You have no issue when it is the GOP trampling individual rights like voting. But when Democrats tand up and say that ALL citizens should have their voting rights protected, the GOP and YOU go into this bee hive of bull shit about how its voter fraud and no people should not be able to register the same day. Or not be allowed to register when they get their drivers license. Or an OFFICIAL Student ID is not good enough.

            Don, the PEOPLE are all of us. But it appears to me that only YOUR people are the ones that matter.


          6. “ ‘The people’ is that fiction on whose behalf atrocities are committed.”

            “The media is the enemy of “THE PEOPLE”. D.Trump.

            You mean those people?

            Man, does that explain a lot about Trump supporters.

            The current atrocity in the White House is the work of “the people”?

            Dawn has risen, the light has finally come on. Welcome back.


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      2. BS, voter fraud is almost non-existent. The biggest cases we’ve had have been by Republicans, Scott Taylor campaign and in NC when a Congressional election for a seat had to be declared invalid.

        And both of those were investigated and discovered.

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    1. They don’t have to bus in out of staters when you can mail in ballots.

      My wife’s grandmother was in an assisted living facility, but she was serious about voting so my sister-in-law picked her up and took her to the polls. When she got there, she was told she had already absentee voted by mail. She was allowed to reclaim the ballot and vote in person.

      2 weeks earlier, “community organizers’ from the Democratic Party had visited the nursing home to assist people in voting and apparently had submitted a ballot for her.

      In her case, because she went to vote in person, no harm was done, but scores of ballots were submitted for patients who did not go to vote in person, and who couldn’t tell you their names, much less who they had voted for.

      So, don’t act as though this is innocent. Democrats practice voter fraud on an industrial scale, and constantly seek ways to to strip away the safeguards.,


      1. Both sides (see recent NC activity) do fraudulent things.

        However, it is VERY clear that voter fraud is NOT an over-riding issue.

        The GOP has relentlessly tried to find some there, there, and has failed.

        Your anecdotal experiences aside…

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          1. DO you have any proof of what happened or do you expect us to just believe your story? Because of it ain’t documented, it never happened.


          2. I am sure your sister-in-law is a fine lady.

            How many busloads of voters were brought in to Vermont? Or was it New Hampshire? How many instances of voter fraud did Kris Kobach find?

            “There were perhaps 50 fraudulent votes from that one nursing home. Multiply that by all the nursing homes and similar facilities across the country.”

            I asked for a cite, and you give me your sister-in-law? I can make up stories too about how one guy on one ship back in the day voted in all 50 states via absentee ballots. Or better yet, my brother-in-law, the former sailor who helped me learn hunting skills, told me about the guy on his ship who voted in every county in PA this one time. In band camp.

            Like I said: No documentation, no occurrence.

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          3. Sure, you’re going to get a successful prosecution of Democrat voter fraud in Louisiana. About the same time you get the Chinese to admit Tibet did not happily join China.


          4. @Tabor

            Find a potential problem and use that to extrapolate to a HUGE problem that needs to be fixed??

            Are you even listening to yourself?

            I realize you have very strongly held beliefs, but you are abandoning reason for your hopes.


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          5. Again, if your side does not intend to cheat, then why work so hard to remove the obstacles to cheating?

            Pelosi’s vote harvesting mandate to the states is tailored to facilitate the kind of cheating I described.


      2. You tell your story as if it is only Democrats who do this. May I remind you of NC-9 and the shenanigans that were so bad, the election had to be reconducted? Never heard that happen because of allegations against Democrats.

        Or the lady in Nebraska (or Kansas) who attempted to vote twice because she just knew her vote for Trump got switched to Hillary? Yep, NOT a Democrat there.

        Voter suppression is more prevalent than voter fraud. And is much more dangerous to government by, of, and for the PEOPLE.


      3. “ Democrats practice voter fraud on an industrial scale…”

        OK, you should be able to provide a lot of verified cites.

        We’ll hold. ☎️

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      4. “… and who couldn’t tell you their names, much less who they had voted for.”

        Those same people can buy a gun, and carry it loaded down the street in a “walker holster.

        So what’s the problem?


        1. Let’s look at your analogy.

          The people in that nursing home could not fill in the Form 4473 to make a firearm purchase, So, how about the local Crips or Bloods go in and fill one in for them and purchase firearms on their behalf?

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          1. Crips or Bloods also in a nursing home? Funny.

            You could help your relative fill out a form so she could exercise her right to bear arms. I would hope you wouldn’t if she were not lucid.

            But I seem to recall your opposition to a law that restricted firearms from people who declared themselves mentally ill enough to get SS disability. So what’s wrong with helping all the nursing home residents, lucid or not, to get deadly weapons?

            BTW: Your sister in law evidently counted all the ballots, saw the fraud and ignored it. Accessory after the fact on a felony. 50 counts.

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          2. And she doesn’t trust the media, right? This is a perfect example of a citizen, seeing something wrong, trying to get it addressed by the gubmint, and then washing her hands of it and not talking to the media? Andy Fox would have loved to look into this. I’m sure there is someone similar in LA who would have done the same.

            Makes your story extremely questionable.

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  2. Why not just vote by text? This vote by mail idea is just a Democrat attempt to garner every illegal vote they can. Voter fraud on an epic scale.


    1. I refer you back to NC-9. But that doesn’t matter to you when it was GOP run voter fraud on an epic scale.

      By the way, the State of Washington has been doing this for quite a few years now. And you know what? Not ONE verified complaint of fraud cited.

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