Should California now become like Virginia?

Nunes thinks it would be just fine to go back to normal in 2-4 weeks. Didn’t he listen to his mentor and boss about extending federal guidelines to at least the end of April?

When Northam closed the schools in VA, someone here said it was an overreaction because there were no cases west of Farmville. How does that look today?

It sucks, absolutely. But containing the spread of the virus is paramount. Treatment drugs are also great and needed. But they do NOT prevent the spread of the disease. Until a PREVENTATIVE vaccine is developed, mitigation steps are needed to protect as many folks as possible. – IMO

5 thoughts on “Should California now become like Virginia?

  1. What I said was that it was premature, that people would burn through their resources and there would be pressure to return too soon. That is exactly what is happening.

    I maintain that the response should have been timed locally and supported at the State level.


    1. @Tabor

      Virus has no respect for borders – state, county or city. Given the way it has exploded in the country and in Virginia the use of the word “premature” rings pretty hollow. Everywhere people taking this very seriously was way too late and nowhere was it too soon. IMHO.

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    2. With test results, when available, taking up to 8-10 days in many cases, waiting is a serious problem. Per The Atlantic article I posted earlier, the logjam causes healthcare workers to burn through PPE’s at a fast rate on people who are negative.

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  2. Shared sacrifice except when you don’t think it’s necessary? I disagree that being premature was wrong. It is the same as when Northam ordered Hurricane Evacuation Zone A based on forecasts at the time. If he didn’t do it when he did and the storm did not turn, people would be screaming for his head for not taking decisive action. And when it did turn people were screaming for his head because he was “premature”. Horse shit! Decisive action was needed and taken in both cases.

    The fact that my daughter is a school teacher and schools tend to be petri dishes for things like this, I am glad the proper actions were taken. She wasn’t thrilled about it at first, but she has come to agree that it was the right thing to do at the right time.

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