Good thing Northam has stayed above the fray

I’m sorry, but this is maddening. The governor of Florida, an avowed butt-kisser of Trump’s, gets everything he has asked for, and more. While a governor who speaks the truth (Cuomo, Whitker, DeWine) gets the short shrift. And New York is the current epicenter of the virus in the country.

“Be nice to me and I won’t let you citizens die” seems to be the attitude. Not sure what kind of requests have come from VA, but I would wager a take out dinner form a local restaurant, it won’t be well received unless Ralph is on his knees braying about how wonderful Mr. Trump is.

Just opinion based on observation.

10 thoughts on “Good thing Northam has stayed above the fray

  1. “ On Thursday, Trump lashed out at Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her criticisms of the administration’s inaction. “We’ve had a big problem with the… woman governor,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “We don’t like to see the complaints.” He later said he’d told Vice President Mike Pence not to call “the woman in Michigan.”

    I honestly thought we were the United States of America’s and that the president, even this one, was supposed to be OUR president. The people in Michigan actually voted for Trump by a tiny margin and this is how he treats his fans. All because of a little criticism from the Governor. A woman, no less. (Hmmm, maybe that’s the issue.)

    I guess if we were invaded from Canada, troops would not go to Michigan or NY or Washington. North Dakota on the other hand would get our best. Florida, OMG, all the guns that fit.

    Mr. president, can you please try to think of us as Americans. Stop being the “chief petty officer” (apologies to the Naval pun). Thank you.

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    1. As a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer, no offense was taken, as you properly used lower case letters….. for the lower case President.

      Oh, and Minnesota woudl get on small Coast Guard Cutter. For ALL 10,000 lakes.

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    2. He gives “petty” a bad name.

      Thin skinned, petulant, ignorant, and vindictive.

      It has been said we get the leadership we deserve, but my goodness, I gotta believe we can do better…

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          1. Naw, it ain’t geographical. I’d go with genetic, across the board.

            However, as long as we have a Senate with two votes per State the Electoral College needs to go.


  2. I know Trump has chosen not to share the stage with Whitaker, which considering her viciousness, is understandable, but do you have any actual evidence of any Federal assistance denied the State?

    Not giving her a platform for further attacks seems pretty reasonable, and I have seen no evidence Trump has made the people of Michigan suffer for her rudeness and partisanship.

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    1. “Her viciousness?”

      Geez, what did she say?

      Even Republicans in Michigan came to her defense.

      “ Meanwhile, Michigan Republicans, without directly criticizing Trump, have signaled that Trump’s criticism of Whitmer is ill-timed. Lee Chatfield, the Republican speaker of the Michigan House, tweeted Friday — without addressing his comments to anyone in particular — that people should “stop blaming” Trump and “stop blaming the governor.”

      I think Trump just can’t handle a strong woman pushing her concerns for her state and, perhaps an observation of our uneven starts to address this crisis.

      I think the president should give it a rest. Do his job as president of all Americans.


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    2. Sharing the stage is not the issue. referring to a governor of a state with a growing number of cases needing medical equipment adn telling his co-conspirator….I Mean coordinator, not to talk to her is the height of pettiness.

      If he is the President of the UNITED States, why is he only giving Florida everything it asks for and more but telling states like NY and Michigan, “you’re on your own”?


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