Want to know why we’re the next Italy

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It’s not Trump voters, it’s Spring Break. I hope the party was worth it.

16 thoughts on “Want to know why we’re the next Italy

    1. Seriously?

      A few exceptions don’t negate the reality that self centered millenials and younger out for a good time no matter who gets hurt are responsible for a good deal of the rapid spread.

      Same applies to Mardi Gras revelers as well.


      1. Hey wait! Mardi Gras was Feb 25. At that time, the gub’mint was reporting less than 1000 cases nationwide. Less than 10 days earlier Trump was saying 15… and 4 of those are getting better and soon it’ll be one.

        When I went to Universal in the 1st week of March, the number was still less than 5000 with estimates of at most 9 unreported per reported — 50,000 in a country of 350,000,000. If the park was at capacity that would have been 5 asymptomatic people in all of the Wizarding World. And still Trump was saying “over when the weather gets warm.”

        Don’t blame party-goers for being irresponsible at those numbers while slamming the government in the 3rd week in March for shutting everything down while Trump was telling everyone that it would soon be over.

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  1. RE: “It’s not Trump voters, it’s Spring Break.”

    If only the virus understood English, we could blame Trump for what it does.

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  2. February 24, one day before Mardi Gras — “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”


    March 6th, first day of Spring Break, Trump travels to CDC headquarters in Atlanta and at one point says he “wouldn’t generally be inclined” to cancel travel and social gatherings.


    Q All of these organizations that are canceling conventions and trips and study abroad programs and all these — all the organizations and businesses that are canceling conventions and meeting and travel, even within the United States, are they overreacting or are they taking the right precautions?

    THE PRESIDENT: I think it’s fine if they want to do it. I don’t think it’s an overreaction, but I wouldn’t be generally inclined to do it. I really wouldn’t be. Now, it depends in what country you’re talking about. If you’re talking about — if they’re going through another country or are you talking about within the United States?

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    1. So, in short, the revelers at Mardi Gras and Spring Break are just following the president’s recommendations.



      1. I remember Trump telling people it was OK to attend business meetings and conventions unless there were a lot of foreign guests. but I don’t remember him telling people it was a good idea to crowd onto a beach for a drunken orgy. (Not that I have a problem with drunken orgies when there is not a disease risk)

        Spring break (and Mardi Gras) are very different from normal travel and association.

        And of course, you remember those interviews with Spring Breakers saying they didn’t see a problem because the disease only killed old people. #boomerremover


        1. Well, yes there were some dumb remarks and hashtags.

          Republican governor DeSantis has still held off on affecting businesses that affect tourism in Florida. So party on.


          1. Correction, DeSantis hasn’t closed the beaches, but he is asking for smaller crowds.


            But it wasn’t until parties went viral that he started acting on it.


        2. If you need and follow Trump’s specific instructions on social interactions then the next woman you meet will, in all probability, slap the crap out of you.


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