Peggy Noonan writes about what it is like in the trenches of the tested.

It is her blog. She writes opinions for WSJ and has been a respected conservative voice for decades. She lives in NYC.

She had symptoms galore, finally got tested on March 17. As of March 26, no results. Health portals had dead ends. Finally a phone call to a live person confirmed that there were still no results.

When I read her post it seemed that this was a report from real life, not just statistics, data, numbers, and dollars. And from someone with assets, contacts and experience. An unemployed waitperson would be most certainly be in a less advantageous position, if there is such a thing.

Of course this in NYC, ground zero in the country with the most confirmed cases in the world. Many places are not as affected and may never reach that status.

Maybe someone can chat with Mr. Coronavirus C. OVID, the 19th, a get a feel for “his” plans.

5 thoughts on “Peggy Noonan writes about what it is like in the trenches of the tested.

    1. I am with Len on the safety of your daughter.

      My dad and wife have a condo on the Hudson River in NJ, across from mid-town Manhattan. They also have a home in Ulster County on about 5 acres, in the hills above US 209. Needless to say, they are spending their time Upstate. They make a once a week run to NJ for mail and other necessary appointments. Took 6 hours (4 hours total drive time) last week to pick up mail, physical therapy appointments, and then back to the country. This is their new normal, until Broadway is back up and running.


      1. @Len & @Adam

        Thanks for the good wishes. Manhattan is currently ground zero, for sure. I have two daughters who live there. My ballerina daughter (Gillian Murphy), her husband and six month old baby bailed on the city about two weeks ago and are staying in the small house they own in rural Pennsylvania. My second daughter has stayed in the city for work but is now laid off and hunkering down.

        Knock on wood, none have any symptoms so far and are being very serious about social distancing. As we are and my two sons and their families – one in Chicago metro area and one in DC.

        BTW, I just tried Kroger’s on-line shopping and home delivery service. It was excellent.

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