YouTube: We’re Living in 12 Monkeys

No matter which flavor of conspiracy theory you like best — Trump equals Hitler, or the Deep State is running amok — the video is an assumption challenger. Here’s a link to the MIT Technology Review article it is based on:

13 thoughts on “YouTube: We’re Living in 12 Monkeys

  1. I have to wonder if the last paragraph of tech review piece caught your attention:

    “The best we can hope for is that the depth of this crisis will finally force countries—the US, in particular—to fix the yawning social inequities that make large swaths of their populations so intensely vulnerable.”

    As far as the video goes, it is further proof that SOME people have WAY too much time on their hands. If I had the 70 minutes to watch the entire thing, I would. But it also comes to mind that YouTuber’s need to make money and this is just one way for those folks to do so.


      1. It is, but on a serious note; the genie is NOT going back in the bottle.

        The way we live/work will NOT return to what many consider normal. Working/educating/shopping from home WILL become the new normal.

        I’ve been researching and studying this evolution for decades and this is the tipping point…

        IM (not in the slightest) HO.

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    1. RE: “I have to wonder if the last paragraph of tech review piece caught your attention”

      It did. I view it as a sort of dog whistle for the socialist-leaning sheep, so to speak. The Tech Review article, after all is trying to sell the authoritarian measures it describes as beneficial.


          1. RE: “Just another way to say that your answer was about what I expected.”

            So you asked for the answer, but didn’t want it?


  2. Oh no . . . please don’t put THAT movie in my head!

    Mr. Pitt at his most MANIC! Now you’ve gone and done it, though. Ha. I’ll be Netflix-ing for next several days to try to watch it again. I know THE MR. will be all for watching THAT one again. Unfortunately, if I watch thing again, I know I’ll be writing down the name of that “CALM” place to go that gives us 15 or 30 seconds of dead silence once we read those tiny little words . . . “Do nothing for 15 seconds.”

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    1. “Do nothing for 15 seconds.”

      Don’t know the movie. But if you change the seconds to minutes in your quote, it’s called meditation. Every morning after the paper and before I walk out the door to face the day. More important to me now that the yoga studio has been forced to close its doors for a while. Luckily the MRS. is an instructor and is going to recreate the Wednesday evening class tonight when I get off work. Can you say “Restorative”?

      NAMASTE, Bitches!

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      1. And it was terrific. A much needed respite. We are gong to do three classes per week now for both of our benefits. It keeps her in the class writing mode and it gets my ass doing something more constructive then sitting at work arguing with…. well you know.


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