6 thoughts on “Competent leadership can make a big difference.

    1. The new 5 o’clock tradition “Beers with Beshear”. I heard that on NPR this morning.

      Northam does his at 2. But because he is on the same time as Cuomo, he isn’t getting the pub. But the competency is still there. Amazing when a leader believes in science and stuff like that.

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    1. Manilow? You freaking went to Manilow? It took 25 years to get that out of my head. And with 6 little words, it just came screaming back.

      Gotta find the NEW Sweet Caroline to save myself. “Hands. Washing hands”….

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  1. The article clearly states that the positive infection rate is higher than even Virginia because there has been substantially more testing in other states. Fluff headline with no real substance. Where is the success story? Nowhere….


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