Been there done that…

My last sea command was The Big Stick from 2003-2005. During our deployment in 2005 about one third of the crew ended up with a stomach virus that made its way through the ship rather quickly. No one needed to be evacuated, but let’s just say the lines to the heads were long and uncomfortable. And there was an emergency order of toilet paper required.

The closeness of personnel on Navy ships, even one the size of an aircraft carrier, make it quite simple for things like that virus, and COVID-19 to spread rather quickly. I hope there are enough test kits to check the crew and I pray they were able to identify and isolate the three without over exposure to others. But like everywhere else, only time will tell.

Jails and prisons will potentially have similar issues.

6 thoughts on “Been there done that…

  1. I was just thinking about the ships the other day. My WW2 vintage destroyer DD820 slept the radar gang in a 26×15 compartment, racks 3 deep. Lockers were under the bottom rack. I believe there were 21 of us.

    I cannot imagine how fast a virus would spread in such quarters. And it was the same for all divisions of a crew sized around 325 or so. I think only the captain and XO had single cabins.

    The aft head had 8 commodes in one compartment, no stalls. Forward head, 4. A stomach virus like yours would have been a disaster.

    Great times though.

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      1. I was in my early 20’s, single and saw places on Uncle Sam’s nickel. Flip side is that I was drafted into the army about 3 weeks into my boot camp training in Great Lakes. Dad sent me the letter to report. Dodged a jungle job with a destroyer that sailed to the Indian Ocean, the Med, South America and the Caribbean.

        Fun is relative.

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        1. Indeed it is, and I’am certainly on board with EVERYONE doing a couple of years.

          Stopping the draft was a mistake in my opinion.


          1. An equitable, fair draft has some good points.

            Including making it tougher to justify our foreign policy wars. Vietnam was in the days from when we trusted our government to when we didn’t.

            If congressmen have to explain to their constituents that’s we need your children to settle a score, in today’s climate it is much more difficult to get approval for military action.

            With a professional, volunteer army things are different.

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        2. My brother-in-law saw the writing on the wall and eh and his best friend went to sign up for the Navy the before they received their draft notices.

          Timing is EVERYTHING.


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