If only he would…


But by doing so, he would be violating “social distancing” protocols. However, he does keep trying and Trump knows it would be a bigly mistake to fire Dr. Fauci for correcting what Trump says….repeatedly.

15 thoughts on “If only he would…

      1. It would be disastrous for Trump to fire Fauci. And I think he knows it. His approval numbers are up for his handling of it, and I believe that is tied to the fact he has kept Dr. Fauci onboard, despite the number of times he has corrected Trump. – IMHO

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      1. Not so fast on blaming anybody for the death in Arizona. The couple ingested Chloroquine Phosphate that they had for treating their fish. Chloroquine Phosphate is not the same as Chloroquine.


        1. @nivlac531

          Your statement is certainly true. It was really stupid for someone to ingest Chloroquine Phosphate thinking it was the same as the prescription drug Chloroquine.

          With that said, it is extremely unlikely that these poor people would have ingested it if they had not heard President of the United States touting Chloroquine as a “game changer.” Trump did not intentionally hurt these people but it is extremely probable that his misguided use of his “bully pulpit” lead very directly to their fateful actions. IMHO.


          1. One can not fix stupid. Nobody, including Trump can prevent an individual(s) from self medicating from a compound manufactured for fish. Chlorox is a great disinfectant but I’m not going to drink it to prevent infection. To even imply that their decision to self medicate is somehow Trump’s fault is ludicrous.


          2. When the wife admitted they tried it because Trump said it would work, it became Trump’s fault. To deny that is to deny what the wife said. And SHE was there. And participated. AND, luckily for her, survived. Not so lucky for anyone who says Trump is blameless in this instance because she ADMITTED it.


          3. @Nilac531

            Uh, not actually ludicrous at all.

            Of course you are correct, you can’t fix stupid. But you should not give stupid stupid ideas.

            The wife who, unlike her husband, survived ingesting the chemical has told reporters that they did so based on what Trump said about Chloroquine which was listed as the active ingredient on the fish tank cleaning product.


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          4. So let’s do a hypothetical, if the New York Times would have published that Chloroquine is a possible aid to stave off the virus and this couple, a couple out of a population off 350 million people, decide to self medicate and eat a different compound, would you fault the NYTimes? I’ve seen your posts many times. You guys aren’t dumb. Come on…….


        2. @nivlac531

          Go back to Adam’s statement. It is the simple truth.

          If the NYT spread the word that this drug is a “game changer” without ANY evidence at all for that claim then yes, they would have contributed to the death of someone just as Trump has.

          Trump meant no harm, I suppose, but stupid statements from his bully pulpit are harmful.


  1. Rut-roh, Astro.

    “But Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, has grown bolder in correcting the president’s falsehoods and overly rosy statements about the spread of the coronavirus in the past two weeks — and he has become a hero to the president’s critics because of it. And now, Mr. Trump’s patience has started to wear thin.

    So has the patience of some White House advisers, who see Dr. Fauci as taking shots at the president in some of his interviews with print reporters while offering extensive praise for Mr. Trump in television interviews with conservative hosts.”

    The tightrope he walks:

    “He [Fauci] has recognized Mr. Trump’s need for praise; in the president’s presence and with audiences that are friendly to him, Dr. Fauci has been complimentary. He told the radio host Mark Levin on Fox News of the administration’s response to the virus: “I can’t imagine that under any circumstances that anybody could be doing more.”

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