That’s not my yob

I just call the governors and say, “Handle it, handle it.”

2 thoughts on “That’s not my yob

  1. “ Without directly trying to fault President Barack Obama as he has recently, Mr. Trump wrongfully said, “we broke down a system that was broken, very badly broken” and vowed to create one “that I think is going to be the talk of the world.”

    He’s probably correct. It will be the talk of the world, alright.

    If it was so badly broken, why wait 38 months to fix it when many people have said for years and years that a pandemic is the biggest threat we will ever face?

    And why is he still blaming Obama for a rule that never existed? Come on, after 3 years, the administration is his and his responsibility alone. “I alone can fix it.” Evidently not.

    Not hard to grasp. Just hard for him to accept.

    And I thought he was finally becoming a man, maybe even presidential, a few days ago. Apparently I was wrong.

    That is my opinion and I am not happy to voice it.

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    1. PS: That I wrote this comment at midnight is a sure sign that I am losing patience and I have let this president get under my skin more than usual.

      But I will admit, he may have accomplished that.

      Good morning.

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