I know he has gotten better, but his supporters?


Pastors, Devin Nunes, 2 Republican governors and the NRA attack the idea that this is a big deal.

Scary that people in power will do anything to undermine common sense approaches by local governments to do what they can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. And Trump won’t denounce them? SMH!

18 thoughts on “I know he has gotten better, but his supporters?

  1. I think the NRA, those mega church pastors, and others are power hungry. I think they sense that people may not respond to them as they’d prefer.

    They are honestly not interested in helping, just justifying their existence in a time of crisis.

    Plus let us not forget about donations. Can’t let a virus distract the members and the flocks from paying hard earned money for limos, planes, suites and mansions.

    Oh well, I hope we don’t let these overflowing sewers distract us too much from the task at hand.


    PS: Maybe it’s time for a “Nutty Nunes” tweet from the president. Or “Wrong Rev. Rodney” and “Wacky Wayne”. After all they are not just contradicting or complicating presidential efforts to contain a pandemic, they are endangering Americans as much as a terrorist would. Or more, actually.

    Somebody needs to slap those folks upside the head.

    Also IMHO

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  2. The Pilot article is a lame and irresponsible exercise in partisan politicization. It sweepingly and fallaciously blames all Trump supporters and others on the right for the overreaction of a few who responded to a basic communications error by the mayor of Champaign.

    The error is simple and easy to understand: It is always, always, always necessary to make the obvious explicit when communicating. Just because something is obvious to you doesn’t mean it will be obvious to others.

    Thus, if you cite the law that empowers the mayor to do three things, but the text of the law empowers the mayor to do four things, some people will necessarily assume the mayor intends to do the fourth thing, too, whether the mayor intends to or not.

    The mayor of Champaign failed to make it clear that she was taking certain approved actions under the law, but not others. That was her mistake, but it was not a sin. She and her staff will probably live to laugh about it.

    What is a sin is media using the incident to demonize whole categories of people based on their political affiliation. Propaganda is too nice a word for describing such a despicable action.

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    1. So you are fine with Nunes, et.al., countermanding the president about groups of 10 or less. Or influential pastors of mega churches flaunting the same issue, even encouraging hugging and if his parishioners die they die for Christ. Or governors saying it’s party time.

      OK. so these same crowds go out into the community and infect the grocery deliverer that just dropped off an order to my house and infects my wife.

      I can’t say that makes me very happy, or worse, safe.

      As far as the NRA, that is not quite the same danger except for inciting yahoos to threaten the mayor. But it does indicate the same knee jerk reaction for arms confiscation just because some one is a Democrat.

      And it is silly to say because an emergency law that might cover a lot of events is going to enact all the parts.
      They could at least wait to see what is going to take place before they yell “fire”. Plenty of time to incite folks then.

      Your critique of the article is without merit and is really propaganda itself.

      In my opinion, of course.

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      1. RE: “So you are fine with Nunes, et.al., countermanding the president about groups of 10 or less. Or influential pastors of mega churches flaunting the same issue, even encouraging hugging and if his parishioners die they die for Christ. Or governors saying it’s party time.”

        Don’t be ridiculous. Those things are peripheral to the Pilot’s story.

        Do you intend to participate in larger-than-10 public gatherings?

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        1. “ Those things are peripheral to the Pilot’s story.”

          That WAS the story. The administration is trying to address the serious issues of transmitted disease and very influential conservatives are ignoring it and actually encouraging crowds.

          You did not read that?

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          1. RE: “That WAS the story.”

            That was the spin, not the story. The story is that the mayor of Champaign made a basic communications mistake that had outsized consequences.


          2. Whatever. Personally I think the NRA acted like jerks over something that was a non issue, or like you said, a communications mistake in the middle of a crisis few know how to handle.

            But the main issue, and most of the words, was about the conservative leaders and their very dangerous messages.

            Hard to spin what those a%=holes said.

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          3. The story was the actions taken by the NRA in response to an emergency order by a Mayor. The NRA turned it into a cash grab from their members. It was a dangerous move when the focus should be on combating, as best we can, the spread of the virus.

            There was no spin. Which appears to be your new go-to comment when you don’t like a news article.


        2. Do I intend to gather and party? Of course not. But there are more than a few who listen to leaders and assume they are correct.

          The people packed into a mega church and hugging is pretty good evidence of that.

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    2. “It sweepingly and fallaciously blames all Trump supporters and others on the right for the overreaction of a few “… The louder the voice, the more attention it tends to get. Instead of (wrongly) blaming the Pilot (It is a NYT piece), why not blame the idiots putting out those messages?

      The overreaction by the NRA is the most heinous. It is the usual cry that Democrats are coming after your guns, when in actuality, the Mayor of Champaign was putting in place its emergency plan to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

      There was no sin in reporting the actions of the few. There was no demonization of ALL of Trump supporters. The article was pretty clear who was at fault. You got your panties in a bunch because people and groups were called out for idiocy and power flexing.

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    1. Blatantly unconstitutional? Horse hockey! It is an EMERGENCY PLAN and there is a lot of leeway given in the execution of those. Your (and the NRA’s) over-hyped reaction to an emergency declaration is more dangerous than anything the Mayor of Champaign did or said.

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      1. If you read the link you will see that the courts have already ruled that a state of emergency does not permit violation of the 2nd Amendment.

        ANd no, it’s not OK to violate a right just a little.

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        1. There was NEVER any intention of violating ANYBODY’s rights. And if the state of emergency deems it necessary LOTS of rights go out the window at the time and can be litigated later.

          Your hyper fear, pro gun rhetoric is the problem here. That and the fact the NRA went high and VERY FAR RIGHT on something as innocuous as implementing an emergency declaration. Get over it already.

          The NRA used this little miscommunication as a means to raise funds because they are in BIG trouble financially and are looking for every dollar they can for their lobbying and election efforts. If they would go back to gun safety and get out of the politics, they might be relevant again. Right now, they are a bunch of whiny crybabies who cause fear of something that need not be feared.

          And don’t get me started on who is politicizing the virus. It is the right, Trump’s supporters and those who think that this is the time to fund raise to try and save their (extremely now, limited) power.


  3. What order was that?

    Forget Katrina. That was a matter of a few officials that went over the top in the panic. It has been debunked many times. Yes, it happened in a few instances. But not as a matter of policy.

    She posted the ordinance for emergency situations that was already the law in place. She was just trying to show that her closings, etc. were legal. Then the NRA caused her life to be threatened.

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    1. https://www.thetrace.org/2015/08/nra-hurricane-katrina-gun-confiscation/

      “ “There was NOT widespread gun confiscation in New Orleans,” he wrote on the Bang Switch, a pro-gun blog sympathetic to the Oath Keepers (current and former military and law enforcement officers who vow to disobey government orders that violate civil rights) and the NRA. Gun-grabbing “was nowhere near as widespread as some would have you believe,” and the confiscations LeBoeuf could confirm “were isolated incidents” done largely by “out of town” cops and soldiers, part of an alphabet soup of agencies without clear missions or lines of responsibility:”

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