OK, now this virus is getting really serious: PGA cancels Players Tournament and 3 others.


Now I will be stuck with replays of classic tournaments, Feherty interviews and endless looping of 5 golf movies like Tin Cup.

10 thoughts on “OK, now this virus is getting really serious: PGA cancels Players Tournament and 3 others.

  1. You are doing yourself no favors if you ignore CADDYSHACK. The original not the sequels.

    It got real for me yesterday at 5pm when Broadway officially went dark until April 12 (at a minimum). My step mother is in Diana, The Musical, which started preview performances on March 2. Opening was slated for March 31. Now she is on vacation (with reduced pay) until April. My wife and I are scheduled to see the show on May 3. It is unclear if the show will have officially opened by that date. Either way, I do hope things have returned to some semblance of normalcy by then.

    And don’t get me started on cancelling golf tournaments. Now the only sport to watch on TV will be NASCAR and INDY racing. (Another turn to the left, sir?) 🧗‍♂️

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    1. We have a similar situation to that of your step mother. My daughter – Gillian Murphy – is a Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theater. She was scheduled to perform the role of Giselle in Durham NC next week. That has been cancelled. Then Swan Lake in Detroit in April. Cancelled. ABT’s entire spring season – usually held at the Metropolitan Opera House at the Lincoln Center through May and June is also very unlikely to happen now that their entire company of dancers has been laid off as of yesterday.

      Along these lines I will now indulge in a little bit of parental pride . . .

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      1. Funny your daughter is with ABT. The summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college, through my father, who’s cousin Rhoda worked in what would today be called the IT department at the studios @ 14th and Broadway (sorry, but that is the way it happened), secured my a summer job as a runner. Misha was the artistic director and I had the joy of hanging out at the front desk, assisting with the duties of the receptionist (including as acting receptionist so she could take a week off), and running material back and forth between the offices/studios and the Met. Backstage pass, free performances in the audience or in the wings. GREAT summer.

        The one incident during that summer will remain with me until the day I die. I was delivering some updated music to the production office @ the Met. As I came around the corner I bumped into somebody and knocked the individual to the ground. It was Mikhail Baryshnikov!!! Thought my summer was over after that. He just said “Merde” as I helped him up. The man was as solid as a rock. But I caught him in an off balance moment and down he went. All was forgiven and I continued to enjoy a full summer in NYC.

        Congrats on your daughter’s career and to her I say “MERDE”.

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        1. @Adam

          You may have met my daughter’s mentor while you were there – Melissa Hayden. After retiring she became a teacher at the North Carolina School of the Arts where Gillian studied from age 14 to 17. She graduated a year early and went straight into the Corps d’ Ballet at ABT.


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