It’s not just me saying it…

Yeah. I know. Another left wing rag taking swipes at Mr. Trump. (Insert sarcasm emoji here)

“The failures of leadership at the top, however, show no sign of being corrected. In a serious public-health crisis, the public has the right to expect the government’s chief executive to lead in a number of crucial ways: by prioritizing the problem properly, by deferring to subject-matter experts when appropriate while making key decisions in informed and sensible ways, by providing honest and careful information to the country, by calming fears and setting expectations, and by addressing mistakes and setbacks.”

The editors at National Review’s words, not mine.

“Trump so far hasn’t passed muster on any of these metrics. ” Also, not my words or opinion (while I absolutely agree)

And yes, I am aware that NR was a “Never Trump” publication, but….

The final sentence kind of says it all: “His partisan adversaries are sure he can’t. We hope he proves them wrong.”

I do as well.

8 thoughts on “It’s not just me saying it…

  1. So these are the editors of the NR writing this opinion. No guest from the left.

    Same as the Washington Examiner. And some FOX commentaries have been equally scolding.

    Now if only Trump would pay attention to the crisis and not his image or polls, it would be refreshing and very much needed.

    Interesting that the NR blamed the CDC for the slow rollout of test kits. Technically that is true. But I recall the Regime effectively cutting funding for pandemic preparation by 80% in 2018 as well as dismantling the response teams that were set up in 2014.

    Why they did that is a mystery unless it was part of getting rid of everything Obama.

    As we know, in this administration, the buck zips right past the Oval Office into a whirling fan that sends it everywhere else. Time for that crap to end, thank you very much.

    I think the DOW is now at about October 2017 levels. Can’t say as I am particularly happy about that either. But I am more concerned about the virus. It is starting to look serious now.

    There was a suggestion that Dr. Fauci ought to take control so we know WTF is really happening.


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  2. What, specifically, do you think should have been done differently with the information available at the time?

    Oh, and the CDC budget was NOT cut. The Pandemic response team under Homeland Security organized for the Ebola outbreak expired and the members of that team went back to their regular positions.

    The 2121 budget does propose a cut in funding for CHRONIC diseases, intended to focus the CDC on emerging infectious diseases, leaving chronic disease to the private sector. In any case, that budget would not come into effect for over a year and cannot have an impact now.




      There seems to be a little conflicting information. But most agreement seems to hover around not renewing the CDC pandemic teams and some experts either let go, resigned or reposted. And monies not renewed.

      But here is the thing in my opinion. With Swine Flu, SARS, Ebola scare and other less widespread diseases over the last decade or so why would it be a good idea to not keep a relatively inexpensive organization in place. It’s not like this was not going to happen again. Obama kept it going for several years. It was already there just in case.

      I can’t blame Trump for not predicting the unpredictable. Nobody can. Yet we spend 3/4 Trillion on defense each year so we can handle unpredictable threats. So what was so brilliant about scrapping pandemic defenses for almost a rounding error in expense savings. Did no one even bring up why we had that setup in the first place?

      This fiasco with testing kits could have been thwarted if a team focused on the December outbreaks information coming from China. Even 30 days more to ramp up behind the scenes would have helped. As well as stockpiling masks, gowns gloves etc.

      Again we have known for decades that pandemic were a threat and at least the last two administrations did some prep.

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      1. Again, the Pandemic team was under Homeland Security, not the CDC.

        That was not the best approach, unless you are presuming the pandemic would be an act of terrorism.

        Trumps intention in the 2021 budget is to refocus the CDC on emerging infectious disease, and reduce its involvement with chronic diseases, as the private sector is more efficient there. Trump is moving in the right direction on that but that is not the current budget.


        1. It matters not what part of the government the team was under. The fact is to ignore the prospect of any pandemic is maladministration. And only because it was an Obama program. And now, we can see plainly, an important one.


        2. If it were under Homeland Security, that would actually be the right place with the emphasis on international funding. After all, which is potentially more damaging, a terrorist attack or a pandemic?

          Besides, funding for 2021 is doing squat for this since the virus was announced by China to WHO last December, 2019.

          In other words, we let our guard down to save a little money for a tax cut.


      2. Oh, and the Global Response fund that expired was intended for incidents like the Ebola outbreak which happened in countries that lack the resources to contain and investigate outbreaks. It is irrelevant to China.


        1. Actually I believe there was a China portion of it.

          Bottom line is that whoever made the call to chop down a pandemic program for reasons unknown made a big mistake in my opinion. Especially with the recent histories of diseases and the global economy.

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