6 thoughts on “Bacon’s Rebellion: Amazon to Create 1,500 Jobs in Hampton Roads

    1. I think maybe it was part of the Amazon II deal that landed their HQ in NOVA.

      However, at least they won’t have to worry about the minimum wage increase. They pay much better than that to start.


  1. Yes. Good paying jobs are a nice little lift for the region. AND for those who secure them.

    Here is one possible side effect based on anecdotal information. While on recruiting duty in Ohio, Delaware and Union counties to be exact, I came across a great number of young people preparing to graduate from HS. the two biggest obstacles I faced in attempting to recruit those folks was 1) THE Ohio State University, and 2) Honda of America, located in the Marysville area. Kids thought that if college was not for them, nor a 2 year tech program of some type, then they would just go get a job there. (The night floor sweepers made $14/hour … in 1989-92). Because of that obstacle to performing my duties, I did some checking.

    I contacted the HR department, identified myself as a Navy recruiter, and asked if they could fill me in a bit on their hiring practices. The young lady I spoke with was very forthcoming. She explained they had over 60,000 applications on file and they purged them every 60 days. When I told potential recruits that information, they were surprised. They had no idea they would have to re-apply every 60 days just to have a shot.

    I can see this happening with Amazon. Just a thought.


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