Hell might have just frozen over


OK, maybe not frozen. But sure is a little frosty. GOP Senators and I agreeing on something just doesn’t happen very often.

I suggested this last week. His demeanor and experience would be perfect for necessary messaging and to restore calm to some of the more anxious folks out there.

Remember: Wash your hands and don’t touch your face.

4 thoughts on “Hell might have just frozen over

  1. Three years of lying to the American people is coming home to roost.

    When a grandparent dies when they did not have to, even the cult will be rethinking their blind obedience to the naked emperor.

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    1. Well, not to be cynical (OK, you got me, cynical.) but Senators are facing re-election and if this whole thing turns to poop, they don’t want to go down with the SS Trump.

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      1. How many GOP House member are NOT running for re-election this year? Those rats have been leaving the sinking ship by the dinghy load. (Boat load would have been taken as hyperbole.)


  2. Here is the best quote:

    “That was suggested because he has credibility,” the senator said. “He speaks with authority. He has respect in the medical community. That’s what the suggestion was because this is a medical thing. It’s not a political crisis — though we can make one out of it.”

    So we haven’t had credibility up till now? OMG.

    The rest of the quote is classic CYA in case the regime pitches a fit…again.

    Tweet storm on the horizon.


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