14 thoughts on “Uh oh, Washington Examiner opinion rakes Trump over coals

  1. As I stated on another thread on Coronavirus, look to the response by GOV Northam in Virginia. Calm, level headed, following the scientists, not questioning or changing the numbers to “look good”. I’m sure Trumpists and the anti-Northam crowd here will try to spin it otherwise, but Ralphie appears to have got it right. Damn those silly doctors, anyway.

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  2. Another example of leadership by a Democratic Governor:


    GOV Inslee handles Trump the way he should be handled wrt the Coronavirus outbreak: By ignoring the rhetoric and focusing on working to solve the problem. Trump might want to pay attention to things like this instead of calling the leader of one of the 50 states he is President of “a snake”.

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    1. I thought that called the governor of the hardest hit state at that point a snake, though classic Trump, was really beyond the pale.

      I think the regime is truly worried, not about Americans, but about their own survival. We need action, leadership, trust…not insults and rally “bites”.

      Oddly enough, Pence is showing more leadership.

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  3. Uh oh, every time Krauthammer is featured in the Pilot, that opinion is expressly endorsed by the Pilot as its position on the matter and all other opinions don’t matter. It is called an opinion for a reason.


    1. Charles Krauthammer has been dead since mid 2018.

      But I see your point. Columns may not reflect anything more than an effort to publish opinions across the political spectrum.

      There is a tiny detail that you may have missed. Philip Klein, the author, is the executive editor of the Washington Examiner.

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        1. Of course it was an opinion. That was the whole point, that a red to the core magazine column by its executive editor took Trump to the woodshed.

          Think Hannity saying that same thing.

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        2. Identity politics was supposed to be the bailiwick of the left. Feel free to take it over. And name calling, such as you like to engage in, should be left to the pro. The only thing Mr. Trump has a handle on.


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