So this happened last night…

After promising to NOT cut entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare, during his town hall on Fox, he said just the opposite. Another promise made and NOT kept.

Now, in order to fix the deficit problem HE and his Congressional GOP cronies caused, he is proposing to cut from programs that help some of the more vulnerable in our society. Does he even realize how many people in “Trump Country” would be effected? Do THEY realize that he has no interest in protecting them or doing anything to benefit them?

And then there is the replacement of Obamacare. In three years he has proposed ZERO, ZIP, NADA to replace it with. It has always been all about repealing (How many votes on repeal were held in the House when the GOP was the majority? 70-something?) it because he wants anything with Obama’s name attached to it erased. Even the courts have been involved almost since the beginning in trying to repeal the Act. There has been a plan in the Senate, a GOP plan, but it has never seen the light of day (Thank you MR. Roberts for sharing that a few months ago.) under McConnell’s leadership. Why is that? Possibly because even McConnell knows the plan is unworkable.

When are people on the right going to realize that Trump is not a champion of the people. He champions only one thing: HIMSELF.

3 thoughts on “So this happened last night…

  1. Read more carefully.

    The article simply presumes Trump is referring to Medicare and Social Security though he said no such thing.

    He does intend to cut back Medicaid expansion and replace it with a private sector alternative.

    Though Trump did not say it, I would offer that Medicare Disability needs to be cut by at least half, it has become a default new form of welfare, with the majority of new claims coming from mood disorders and work issues instead of the physical disabilities it was intended for.


    1. Have you ever applied for SSDI? Do you know how many times an application gets rejected before it is approved? Do you realize that it also tales a lawyer to actually get it approved about 90% of the time? And the lawyer gets his/her 30%.

      My mother had to go through the process at age 60 due to not being able to physically work after her cancer treatments. She applied. Turned down with a requirement of further medical documentation. Reapplied with requested information. Turned down. Contacted a lawyer who finally was able to get the application approved and he got 30% of the settlement from the TWO-AND-HALF-YEARS it took to finally get approved. The process she went through for a LEGITIMATE medically disabling condition leads me to believe your claim concerning new claims to be caca de caballo.

      He’s going after your SS and YOUR Medicare. Now, you are in a better position in your retirement years than say, my mother would have been. And there are a lot more people in HER condition than yours. If you don’t believe he is going after ALL entitlement programs that many people count on for their survival, you are not paying attention


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