6 thoughts on “Redistricting Amendment passed tonight.

  1. As late as 4 this afternoon they were still proposing floor amendments, so I don’t know yet if it passed in meaningful form.

    The House Black Caucus was adamantly opposed to yielding control to the commission, and I am concerned they may have succeeded in giving the General Assembly the option of overruling it.


    1. Questioning the process to the very end, eh Doc?

      While HBC raised legitimate concerns, the measure passed and goes to Northam. Once he signs it, it will be up to us the people to finalize. And their concerns are NOT entirely about the commission. Their concerns are about the State Supreme Court, the majority of which were appointed by the GOP, who would decide the districts if the commission fails to do so.

      There will be anti-amendment campaigns, to be sure, and for sound reasons. But this amendment is needed and can be amended to correct deficiencies prior to the 2030 census. That will be a less expensive process than the GOP court battles to fight what needed to be done to prevent legislators from choosing their voters for the past 10 years.

      And don’t you find it interesting that the GOP didn’t get behind this idea until they were poised to lose their majority? Once 2017 happened, they realized that they better get onboard with the idea or they would be in jeopardy of having the Democratic majority that was coming draw the new districts.

      Gerrymandering is WRONG regardless of the party in power. This amendment corrects that possibility.

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