Lying sack is at it again.

This is a variant on the continuous lie that Trump’s trashing of regulations has been a boon to this country. It is also part of the obvious pattern – blame someone else when you fail.

In this case, he takes his regulation reliever lie a step further by claiming to have trashed Obama regulations that did not exist. Anything rather than accept the fact that “the buck stops here.”

5 thoughts on “Lying sack is at it again.

  1. That is opinion, not news.

    While a new regulation was not made under Obama, the existing regulations were reinterpreted to assert FDA authority, which technically already existed, over testing. Assigning anything to the FDA results in delay, sometimes even outright withdrawal of a product rather than enter the FDA’s quagmire of hostile regulation.

    The 50 State Health departments acting independently are far more responsive than centralized FDA control.

    The FDA’s culture is based on never approving another Thalidomide. It is overcautious to the extent that thousands will die for lack on innovation for every one protected.

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    1. “ Last Saturday, the FDA invoked a 2004 law – passed well before Trump or Obama took office – to specifically authorize coronavirus tests to be developed in private laboratories like hospitals and given to patients without prior federal approval.

      Worth noting though is that this power was something Health Secretary Alex Azar and the FDA have had since coronavirus became a global health crisis in late January.”

      If that is the law since 2004 and Azar didn’t act, how is that regulatory red tape or Obama’s fault?

      Your observation may have validity if it were the case. But it wasn’t.

      Paul is right. A lying sack.

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      1. Because while there was no law requiring it, the FDA asserted control over test kits.

        Suppliers cannot afford to buck the FDA when it takes control. They’ll bankrupt you in court even if you win.

        Everything the FDA touches becomes mired in delay and made unprofitable.

        We would really be much better off disbanding the FDA entirely, or at least taking away its control over health care, and leaving safety to the product liability insurers and efficacy to the medical journals backed by standards of care.


        1. So how is that law from 2004 make what is happening now Obama’s fault. Trump has had 3 years to prepare for possible pandemics instead of not continuing funding for CDC or dismantling the pandemic preparedness teams.

          Plus Trump has appointed the head of the FDA since 2017.

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  2. @Tabor
    Yadda yadda yadda. We have heard your dogma before. It had does not change the fact that Obama did NOTHING that is impeding the deployment of Covid-19 test kits now and that Trump cannot stop himself from dishonestly trying to pass the buck. Even as we face a real and dangerous threat, this worm cannot act like a man.

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