A confession of guilt?


Could these tweets be used as evidence of obstruction of justice by Mr. Trump to be charged after he is out of office? It appears so, based on what is said in the VOX piece. It appears to be a valid theory.

11 thoughts on “A confession of guilt?

  1. Shoot, we all know that Trump obstructed. The report was clear on that. Along with other almost daily utterances by the regime.

    He is so full of himself now, that we’ll here plenty more “in your face” pronouncements. With Mitch in his pocket, he can just reload his gun a move over to Broadway for another shooting.

    I can’t feel sorry for Sessions. He was the “sycophant’s sycophant” from day one and is now sucking up to Trump in a way that is demeaning and downright disgusting to watch.

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  2. Happy birthday!

    I grew up in Brooklyn, flyover country, after the family immigrated from Sweden. Leave your car here. You won’t need it and there is no place to park anyway.

    Neighborhood was Italian, Jewish and Scandinavian, mostly first and second generation. Heavy accents among the parents and grandparents of my friends. My barbershop was all Italian, and only the head guy at the register spoke English. Kosher delis, Swedish speciality foods and Italian meats. Stickball in the street, manhole covers were home plate and 2nd base. Row houses were the norm, along with 4 or more story walk up apartments. New Yorkers are actually pretty fit folks…lots of walking.

    Like I said, flyover country.

    Loved it then, don’t miss it now.

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    1. Thanks!

      Born their @ NYU Hospital. Folks lived in Jackson Heights while attending theater school. Lots of his family in the metro area. Or used to be. Pops lives in Jersey on the Hudson, across from midtown.

      Taking the train into Penn Station and the ferry over to NJ. Seeing the new Diana musical. Stepmom playing QEII and Barbara Cartland. ALWAYS leave the car at Pops’ place when going into the city. Greatest place in the world to walk.

      Lived there one summer at age 19 in a sublet on 35th and 8th. Loved it. But would never live there long term. Love to visit. BRIEFLY!

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      1. As an avid golfer, NY would not appeal to me in the least.

        I used to carry my clubs on the bus and go to Dyker Beach, which had the dubious distinction of being the most heavily played course in the world at one time. Had to get there before dawn, then hope to get out as a single with someone else in a few hours. It was a tight back and forth course, so some players wore pith helmets.

        Sometimes we would take the bus to the Staten Island Ferry, then take another couple of buses to either LaTourette Park or Silver Lake.

        Those were the days, my friend.

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        1. Golf happens when I drive to Ulster County (the House in the Country my grandfather dubbed Green Acres) I could take the train all the way there, but I’ll be damned if I’m schlepping clubs on a train.

          I did ride me bike to the local 9-holer next to the zoo in Eire, PA when I first started playing. (age 11 or so) Getting there was no problem. The ride home with my Sunday bag on my back had a substantial uphill right at the end of the 2 mile ride. My golf game and that ride taught me how to say Motherf&(@! without disturbing my neighbors.


  3. An admission of guilt. Bill Clinton finally fessed up to having sex with Monica “to relieve the pressure”, so he in fact feloniously lied to Congress under oath. Before saying so what, be sure to consider those currently being sentence to lengthly prison terms for allegedly doing just that. “I did not have sex with that woman”


    1. And he was impeached. So go ahead and indict. But Trump’s “admissions” are a lot more timely and they PROVE exactly what Mueller wrote. Ken Starr was looking for a dirty real estate deal and found a stained blue dress.

      I hear Carolina has a nice medical facility where Bernie Madoff currently resides.


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