“Threatening statements?” What a humongous load of chicken-s^%t . . .


What a bunch of weenies the GOP elected Supremes are. What do they think the Dems are going to do to them, pull their diapers down?  Smile.


8 thoughts on ““Threatening statements?” What a humongous load of chicken-s^%t . . .

  1. I cringe whenever someone feeds the right wing propaganda mill with low hanging fruit.

    It was not a smart statement to make and will only allow the regime some more rant and whine material for the next rally.

    After all, the Supremes are in place already. Attacking them politically is stooping to Trump’s incendiary attacks on judges.

    I guess we expect better from the Democrats. Trump? Not so much.

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  2. Let me see if I can explain it to you.

    Laws are made by Congress, and the State Legislatures

    The Courts resolve differences in the interpretation of those laws.

    The Courts ARE NOT supposed to be swayed by political opinion, they are supposed to interpret the laws as written. guided by the intent of the legislative bodies that passed them.

    They ARE NOT supposed to make new law or change the meaning of the law to satisfy current opinion.

    For Schumer to threaten legislative retaliation against Justices in hopes of swaying them to interpret the law as he desires rather than their honest reading of the law is contrary to our Constitution and the Rule of Law.

    When courts make law instead of interpreting it, it results in decades of animosity and conflict.

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    1. But you take no issue when the President of the United States does the same thing? You have got to be kidding me.

      While Schumer’s words were poorly chosen and should NOT have been said, the hyperbolic reactions from Trump supporters shows the hypocrisy of the right. “We can do it, but if you do it, it’s bad.”

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    2. “The Courts ARE NOT supposed to be swayed by political opinion”.. But you only believe that when they interpret laws the same way YOU do. When they don’t you rant and rave about how politically driven they are. You have expectations, accurately, but only if they agree with you.


    3. There are other criteria for the judiciary.

      The judges should recuse themselves in Trump cases if they have Hispanic ancestry. Or they were Obama appointees. Or they are on the Ninth Circuit.

      Roy Cohn was Fred and Don’s lawyer for a long time. His favorite question when filing one of thousands of lawsuits was “who’s the judge”.

      Fortunately for us, the president cannot pick and choose as he pleases.

      Judging by the incessant churning among the right wing media of Schumer’s words you would think that the N.Y. Senator took out a contract on the two Trump appointees. After an interminable flow of threats to citizens by Trump, finally they can point to a gaffe and stomp their feet. “See,see Mommy, they are mean to me and mine. Please help me. Pretty please.



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  3. Caught Don Lemon’s (so liberal should be on MSNBC, but he does have a great time on New Year’s Eve with Brooke Baldwin) rebuke of Schumer last night and it was pretty much dead on. Rebuked, but not hyperbolic in any way shape or form.

    When the Senate moves to censure the President for all of the comments he has made about the judiciary, then they can try to do the same to Schumer. But they cannot have it both ways.

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  4. McConnell’s faux indignation over Schumer’s comments is belied by the fact he is too scared to tell Trump to shut the hell up and stay off Twitter. Trump’s threats of violence against the judiciary are as bad as what Schumer said. The big difference is Schumer took credit for the screw up. Trump blames the media when they take things out of context. Like when they cover LIVE his words. Such of the same old, same old from the HOP (Hypocritical Old Party).



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