The OTHER takeaway from yesterday

Virginia turnout yesterday set records, according to the reporting. The percentages were still abysmal, (Hampton Roads ranging from 19% in VB to 34% in Williamsburg) but much higher than the last two primaries.

Democratic enthusiasm remains high in the Old Dominion. It will be interesting to see how it plays out come November.

8 thoughts on “The OTHER takeaway from yesterday

    1. Then they don’t know how to follow directions. They were supposed to vote for Bernie. Wasn’t that the directive from the Oval Office to voters in South Carolina.

      Nice attempt, but complete and total bee ess.


        1. Which has NOTHING to do with Operation Chaos 2020.

          Tell us how Democrats coalescing around Biden is stealing anything from anybody? The candidates who got out, chose to endorse Biden. Notice that all three of them are considered MODERATES. When (not if) Warren gets out, she will possibly endorse Sanders as they are more aligned policy-wise. She may endorse Biden as the front-runner to promote party unity around ONE candidate.

          Consider the number of votes cast in the first 4 contests. There were more votes for the Moderate contenders than the far left candidates. It is clear to me that you don’t pay as close attention to the small things in these contests. It is not the “machine” choosing Biden, it is the voters.

          Keep digging, Don. You’ll hit oil eventually.


          1. My daughter and I have already discussed this as both she and her husband voted for Bernie. SHE stated, without prompting from dear old dad, that the fanatics need it get of their high horse and vote to get Trump out of office. That is the rallying cry for the Democrats.

            And your theories on turnout? Yeah, that’s what I thought.


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