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  1. ? Is this a suggestion to all the people you nob with that are able to “play” the market?

    Kinda cryptic.

    I assume you know the VAST majority of American citizens have no financial ability to do so…

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    1. I wish I had some cash waiting but I’m already all in.

      Really just pointing out that panic sells like this one due to the Corona virus outbreak are temporary in nature and present a buying opportunity,

      I keep a three year cash buffer for riding out such events, but it is temping to dip into it to cash in on the rebound.

      But rules are rules for a reason.


    2. My grandfather sold men’s shoes on commission. His backyard garden started at the door ad stretched to the fence because he needed to plant every inch to have enough to eat. He was poor on a scale hard to imagine.

      But he owned stock.

      Barring serious illness or accident, there is no legitimate excuse for for anyone over 30 not having savings and investments. There are hard choices, but no excuses


      1. “no legitimate excuse for for anyone over 30“

        You only walk in your shoes, thinking you know other peoples realities such that you can make such an asinine statement is embarrassing.

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        1. It’s all choices.

          A share of an S&P Index ETF costs about the same as a couple of movie tickets, or a case of beer.

          You pay for food and rent 1st, insurance 2nd, savings next and then you consider entertainment and luxuries.

          And you don’t borrow for anything that doesn’t outlast the loan.

          Show me those who follow that and still can’t invest and they will have my sympathies, but I doubt you can find very many.


          1. “Choices” ??

            If there is no money left after food and shelter what “choices” do you think exist?

            In the real world huge numbers of people struggle to make ends meet, there is no insurance or savings much less luxuries. You need to get out more…

            Asinine statement was apt.

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          2. Minimum wage is a starting wage, if you’re 30 and still getting only minimum wage you have made poor choices.

            Succeeding in this country, barring some major disability, is pretty simple. Finish high school, don’t have children until you are married and can support them, show up for work every day and do your job, avoid non-productive debt, and by the time you are 30 you will have climbed the ladder to the point you can save and invest.


          3. Hmm, lemme see, You’re a dentist. You’ve maybe 2 years on me. So, some HS class of 68, followed by 4 years college (Tier 1 State school, which at that time was 70% tax supported, or Hampden-Sydney maybe) and then off to VCU for Med school?

            I’m sure there was a lot of time in there for part-time employment at minimum wage to help pay for books, or did we just live on largess? Scholarships, I presume? If not, then help from Dad? Or, did you work your way through?

            Reminds me of Mitt.’s “College is already affordable. Just borrow from your parents.”

            I’ve told you my story. Let’s hear yours.

            “Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed.” ― Herman Melville

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          4. SPY $322.–“the same as a couple of movie tickets, or a case of beer.” I don’t know what kind of beer you drink, but Jeez, dude!

            Actually, that’s about 1/2 of one month’s rent for the bottom 50% of the nation, power and heat optional.

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          5. My story?

            During high school, I worked 3 nights a week as an orderly in St Joseph’s hospital in Thibodaux, LA I got a sub minimum wage hospitals were allowed to pay. So I started my working life wiping butts for $1.11 per hour.

            I did get academic scholarships for college and that helped. I worked as a lab tech for the college. My Dad helped as he could, but he never made more than $36,000 a year in his life. He did buy us a trailer at auction which had been rolled over in a hurricane. We repaired it and that’s what we lived in during dental school.

            Summers I did commercial fishing by share and between college and Dental school, I worked as a deck hand on a tugboat. That paid better, as most oilfield jobs do.

            Summers during dental school I worked demolition and construction in New Orleans. My wife was a Secretary. Those jobs paid more than minimum wage. Nights during the regular school sessions I worked as a lab tech at Hotel Dieu hospital.

            After I started practice, I made some mistakes with credit card debt, and learned that lesson taking a year to dig out.

            I came to Virginia when the oil field economy collapsed due to Fuel Use Act. I wound up in Virginia because I had software customers here. I had taught myself to program after Radio Shack started selling computers and had developed one of the first Dental Office programs which I sold as a second job.

            I made some mistakes along the way, but I worked continuously since I was in High School, always kept my family insured, and saved and invested before luxuries.

            I still live frugally. We have 3 vehicles. all bought used. the newest is 11 years old.The oldest, my fishing Jeep is 21 years old. I do almost all of my own mechanic work.

            I retired 5 years ago and have more in my investment accounts now than when I retired.

            No silver spoon. Just continuous hard work and responsible living.


          6. @Nancy

            Schwabs S&P mutual fund is $49.45 per share today, and their ETF equivalent is $74.11

            Another good choice is VICEX at $30.11 Vicex is limited to Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling and Firearms.


          7. @tabor

            You simply don’t get it. Millions of people in this country (and everywhere) are below average intelligence. They often lack the mental ability to even be aware of “choices” much less have the ability to take advantage of them.

            You were one of the winners of the genetic lottery and are arrogantly blind to the less fortunate.

            Asinine is still apt…

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          8. Ideally, yes, minimum wage is a starter wage — for the 75% who at age 18 are upwardly mobile. But sadly, there’s 1 in 5 who will be stuck there for life. Guess they’re not as smart as you. Simple, let them get smarter… and eat cake.

            Yep,you said before that your Dad made $36,000. That was in the 70s, right? $120,000 in today’s money. Not bad.

            But, I must admit you’re the only person I know whose stated position is for your kids and grandkids to have less than you. I mean, after all, why else should their starter wage be 1/2 of your starter wage?

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  2. If you follow Don’s advice, wait til about 330 this afternoon. The DOW opened up about 137 points this morning. It is at DOWN around 275. Timing is everything. If you bought first thing this morning you will have a nice little cap gains loss to report. But if you are looking to grow, wait for later in the trading day. IMHO.


      1. No. That’s TWO, and no dead cat bounce, so there’s at least one more coming. Tech is already in corrrection. You can look for some bargains, but those are iffy. Wait for it. Plenty of time between now and May.

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