Another inconvenient truth.

The Trump economy produced far fewer jobs in its first three years than were produced in the last three years of the Obama economy. About 1.5 million FEWER. You would never know that if you listened to the various Trump apologists around here who take it as given that Trump’s claims are valid and simply repeat them ad nauseum.

25 thoughts on “Another inconvenient truth.

  1. Meanwhile, Trump is planning more billions of dollars for the farmers he screwed with his “easy to win” trade wars. China is not buying nearly what has been “promised” partly due to their coronavirus problem.

    Paid for by the tariffs, that is by Americans in a hidden tax hike. Just like the wall…paid by our DOD budget. Again our taxes.

    His supporters say we should ignore his words and focus on his deeds.

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  2. “Employment has grown during the first three years of Trump’s presidency, but at a significantly slower rate than it did towards the end of Obama’s tenure.” (Snopes)

    OK. So what?

    RE: “You would never know that if you listened to the various Trump apologists around here who take it as given that Trump’s claims are valid and simply repeat them ad nauseum.”

    What in the world are you talking about? I’ve never heard anyone here or elsewhere claim that employment has grown more under Trump than under Obama. I think you’re punching at noses on the faces of people who don’t exist.


    1. Trump claims it every time he holds a rally. Or a State of the Union speech. Trump and people like you believe the economic recovery didn’t begin until January 21, 2017. History didn’t start then. But some of the people who live and die in Trump world believe it did.

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      1. RE: “Trump claims it every time he holds a rally.”

        What does he claim, Mr. Green? I have watched many Trump rallies but I’ve never heard him say job growth in his first three years is higher than in the previous three years.

        RE: “Trump and people like you believe the economic recovery didn’t begin until January 21, 2017.”

        Not true for me or Trump supporters I know.

        Is it so important to demonstrate anger against Trump and Trump supporters that you’re willing to make false accusations to do it?


        1. Job growth claims since the beginning of his term have always been “the greatest in the history of this country”. Horeshit!

          “Not true for me or Trump supporters I know.” I will be real simple here. You are LYING. You have never done anything but credit Trump for the economic recovery that has SLOWED down under Trump’s “leadership”. Or at least never acknowledged that what he said was a L-I-E. You spin it as “a misunderstood media report”. Again, HORESHIT!

          You do the same thing EVERY single time someone points out the lies he has told, and when presented with INCONTROVERTIBLE VERIFIED FACTS, you still deny. Your complete and total acquiescence to all things Trump is disgusting, shortsighted, and worthy of enshrinement in a Hall of Shame.

          Where is the 4-5% growth we were promised? It doesn’t exist. In fact, most original growth numbers under Trump have been lowered after initial release. How you gonna explain that big fat lie? I know you will come up with some flip flopped, conspiracy based, the media doesn’t understand kind of hand grenade of horseshit. But please go right ahead.

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          1. RE: “Where is the 4-5% growth we were promised? It doesn’t exist.”

            No, it doesn’t. That also is not the subject of the Snopes fact check.

            Your other comments are out of line.


          2. I was pointing out the Promises made promise kept aspect of the Trump presidency. How many times has he stated that growth would exceed 4% because of HIM? Your ignoring of simple facts continues to be the downfall of anyone you have a discussion with.

            Calling a liar a liar is NOT out of line. It has been proven time and again. Sorry if you don’t like it, but maybe your mirror needs some new silver backing because you seem to NOT see what is truly there.


      2. Do you understand that there is is a difference between laid off workers coming back to work as a recession ends and new and repatriated jobs that didn’t previously exist?

        It should be a mark of shame that it took so long for those recovery jobs to arrive. they should have been back in Obama’s first term but were delayed by his business hostile regime until three years later.


        1. Sorry, but there is little evidence that anyone else or other policies would have done better. Sure the recovery was not perfect. It might have been faster or it might have been a full blown depression.

          There were a lot of players that caused the crash. And unfortunately, none are in prison despite evidence that there was rampant criminal fraud in the investment banking and securities sectors.

          Obama promised he would cut the deficit in half. And he did. It just took a few more years. He oversaw the longest positive employment gains in history and passed that on to the present regime. And there were positive signs the wages were starting to rise.

          To his credit, Trump continued the same trend although the growth has slowed and the deficit has skyrocketed. As well as the debt. Yet, despite the enormous tax cuts which gave us a “sugar high” and some investments, we got mostly buybacks with its resultant effects: big paychecks at the top.

          We know what the financial sector did to us and why. So laws were passed to curtail a recurrence. And now we are seeing reversals that are creating a similar fertile ground for more shenanigans.

          What is so often overlooked is the true suffering that was going on. 900,000 jobs per month lost. Savings and retirement funds decimated. Healthcare out of reach for millions. Just food and housing were at risk for millions more. Bankruptcies and homelessness rose dramatically. Letting banks fail along with the massive global obligations for them and their insurance/reinsurance partners would have been crippling and even deadly for large swaths of people here and abroad.

          Hindsight is so easy. Trump took over a robust economy. Just like his inheritance, he started on third base and declared he hit a triple. And, just like his inheritance, he seems to want more and more debt. Except now his dad, the oligarchs or the Saudis won’t bail us out.


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        2. Trumpian spin to the highest degree. And in case you haven’t heard, the manufacturing jobs are disappearing completely and there is close to a recession in the manufacturing sector.

          Once again you Obama hatred ( racism?) is on full display. Trump deserves credit for one thing an one thing only: Making the rich richer and bamboozling his base. (OK, that’s 2).

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      3. @Tabor

        Your attempts to spin away every accomplishment by President Obama are getting more laughable every day. Now, according to you the turn around from the Republican financial collapse did not happen until five years into Obama’s term of office. Complete and utter nonsense as this chart shows . . .

        By about 2014 the level of employment was back to pre-GOP-collapse levels so those last years in the comparison ARE new jobs and just not people being recalled to old ones. As a fellow hater of President Obama might say – YOU LIE!

        The chart also shows the complete absence of the Trump miracle that he and the fools that support him claim occurred because of his ending Obama’s “business hostile regime.” In fact, it can be clearly seen that the trajectory we are on began in 2010 after the GOP free fall was stopped and reversed.

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      1. RE: “So, Trump has been lying through his teeth about the economy and is uncritically believed and parroted by the chumps who support him.”

        So you say, but your Snopes link doesn’t support you. It presents a fact check of a claim made by Trump opponents.

        Like I said, you’re punching at noses on the faces of people who don’t exist. Don Quixote had similar hallucinations.


        1. @Roberts

          Here is a logic lesson for you. Pay attention.

          If Statement X and Statement Y cannot both be TRUE and Statement X IS TRUE then Statement Y is FALSE.

          In this context . . .
          Statement X – Economy was producing more jobs under Obama
          Statement Y – Economy was producing more jobs under Trump

          Statement X is a claim made by Trump Opponents.
          Statement Y is a claim made by Trump.

          “A fact check on a claim made by Trump opponents” confirms that Statement X is TRUE.
          Therefore Statement Y is FALSE which means that Trump is lying through his teeth.

          You are welcome.

          By the way, which people do not exist? Chumps who foolishly take Trump at his word?

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        2. RE: “Here is a logic lesson for you. Pay attention.”

          Here is a logic lesson for you.

          In this context…

          Statement X – Economy was producing more jobs under Obama

          Statement Y – Economy was producing more jobs under Trump

          Statement Y is not the statement the Snopes fact check addresses. It is an irrelevancy to the fact check, added, presumably, to create a straw man for you to attack.

          Statement Z – Trump claims the economy has produced more jobs under him than under Obama.

          The Snopes fact check provides no evidence that Statement Z has ever been made by anyone (it doesn’t have to, because Statement Z is an irrelevant superficiality).

          You are welcome.

          By the way, the people who don’t exist are those who make Statement Z, except for you. Illogically.


    2. “We’re producing jobs like you have never seen before in this country,” he said during a recent speech in Michigan.
      But you don’t have to go back far to find three years of better job growth. Just to back to the previous three years under Barack Obama.
      During Trump’s first 36 months in office, the US economy has gained 6.6 million jobs. But during a comparable 36-month period at the end of Obama’s tenure, employers added 8.1 million jobs, or 23% more than what has been added since Trump took office.”

      I would call “like you’ve never seen before” a lie. And a false “ claim that employment has grown more under Trump than under Obama.”

      We saw greater employment gains in the last 36 months of the Obama administration.

      I think this is another “pants on fire” statement from Trump.

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      1. RE: “I think this is another ‘pants on fire’ statement from Trump.”

        I think you’re seeing a lie because you want to, not because it is there. Specifically, you assume Trump is referring to the quantity of jobs produced, but he might be referring to the quality or the pattern, or the demographics, or any of a hundred other variables. The statement is simply ambiguous on its face. Besides, it would be true statement no matter when it was said, or by whom: We are always living under conditions we have never seen before.

        I have never heard Trump say that he has created more jobs in three years than Obama did in the previous three years, and I don’t think the ambiguous quote you dug up shows him saying that.


        1. You are making some pretty ridiculous comparisons to explain away what Trump said. It is very obvious that he is not referring to life in general or that we have more nursing home jobs than ever (which we do because that and restaurant workers are the biggest job gains now and predicted. At $25K/year, BTW).

          You should get a job at the White House. Trump makes stupid, false statements and then his staff spends the next few days explaining and back tracking.

          Trump is no “Oracle at Delphi” which made famously vague prognostications that could go either way.
          He is a populist who is trying to rev up his redhats with the idea that he is better than Obama. As such he is lying about his accomplishments and listens for the cheers.


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        2. RE: “You should get a job at the White House.”

          I couldn’t handle the hours. There’s just too many foolish people saying too many foolish things about Trump and Trump supporters.


    1. @TK

      Pure baloney.

      In the Trump economy, REAL wage growth is almost flat. That means that . . . Yes, “wages are on the rise” but only a tiny amount above the cost of living. Working people have been getting the short end of the stick since the Reagan Revolution. Trump has done nothing to change that. And maybe you do not like inconvenient truths but currently the manufacturing sector of our economy is in a serious recession.

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    2. The Trump Department of Labor CHANGED the metrics used to determine wages two years ago. It gave credence to the idea that wages were rising. But like the statements I used to receive in the Navy for “Real Wages” because of the benefits received, it is a smoke screen.

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