8 thoughts on “Technology the Russians and the GOP are going to hate.

    1. RE: “For it would likely prevent illegal aliens, dead people and an assortment of other illegal voting methods that they have been known to employ over the yrs.”

      Given how it works, it doesn’t sound like Election Guard would prevent any of those things, but I agree it makes no sense to suggest the GOP is going to hate it. The title of the post is just windbaggery.


      1. Windbaggery?

        Maybe, but only ONE of our political parties does everything it can to suppress the vote. Only ONE of our political parties has been the direct beneficiary of Russian hacking and interference. Only ONE of our political parties ever seized the Presidency with riots and an un-Constitutional stoppage of vote counting. So, yeah, both the Russians and their GOP clients will find it harder to pull their dirty tricks if this technology is successful and widely adopted.

        Here is a prediction – Blue states will be the first to implement it widely because what is good for democracy is good for Democrats.

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    2. Really? You have proof of your assertions? Or just the usual conspiracy blarney about bus loads of illegal voters.?

      My favorite case of ACTUAL voter fraud was from 2016 when a voter in Iowa or Kansas attempted to vote twice because she was worried her vote would get changed to Hillary.

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    3. That’s why the biggest voter fraud cases are Republican.

      NC had to hold a new election because of GOP law breakers.

      NC also created voting laws that were struck down because the “targeted black voters with surgical precision”.

      But you knew that.

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    1. @Tabor

      Yes, that is true but so what?
      There is virtually zero in-person voter fraud. That is not the “problem” this technology tries to address.

      The real problem is the vulnerability to hackers and dishonest election officials that is inherent in electronic voting and tabulation systems and the complete lack of audit or recount capability. This not a theoretical issue. It is very real with numerous cyber attacks documented in recent elections.

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