Daily Mail: BREAKING: Mike Bloomberg ‘wants Hillary Clinton as his running mate’, sources close to his campaign tell Drudge


Might be a smart move. For one thing, Mike would look taller.

25 thoughts on “Daily Mail: BREAKING: Mike Bloomberg ‘wants Hillary Clinton as his running mate’, sources close to his campaign tell Drudge

  1. Yeah, two New York elitists with no respect for personal Liberty, just wonderful.

    After all, there are some pockets of flyover country where people still make their own choices in life.


      1. Well, Trump was a Democrat until he decided to become a politician. And contrary to what many supporters say about Trump NOT being a politician, that is what he became the minute he descended the elevator (or was it an escalator? Even he doesn’t know any more.).

        Trump went on the attack of Bloomberg on his height, not on his policies. I am just answering sais attack with a factually accurate hypothetical situation.

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      2. And my comment was based on Mr. Roberts’ snark about height. And I did not say bigger, I said taller. Trump is a big ALLEGED billionaire. But if you still believe he only weighs 239 pounds…well. You still believe in the tooth fairy.

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  2. Is this supposed to be another breathless anticipatory talking point for the left? Frankly, I now find myself wanting to shoot my TV and radio every time I rehear Bloomburg’s media saturation campaign. That pain alone is enough to tell him to go f#$k himself. IMO


    1. Support the Chinese economy in a time of an epidemic. It’ll be good for you, make you feel better and improve your 2nd Amendment skills.

      Shoot the messengers’ tools. The TV and radio. Then buy new ones.

      Reload and repeat.

      Or vote for Bloomberg and get an actual, self-made billionaire in the White House.

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      1. So you do support known and proven misogynist racist xenophobe billionaires that tell women under his employ to kill their unborn children and who attempt to buy elections. Interesting.

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        1. I don’t support Trump.

          That is who you are referring to, right?

          Recall that he was pro-choice and for gun control before he decided to enter politics.

          But you knew that already.

          Oh, there might be a correction. His net worth is no where near a billion. Unless he proves it personally to me with tax returns, that’s my position.

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          1. None of your baloney can cover up the fact that your idol Bloomburg is a known racist, mysoginist, xenophobe. He even admitted it. Funny turn of events for the hard left extremists that you apparently rub elbows with.


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