21 thoughts on “Buh-bye Barr?

    1. “Or, Trump could take heed and lay off the tweets, or run them past his lawyers, before posting.”

      You’re kidding, right? This leopard ain’t changin’ his spots any time soon. If you really believe he would do what you suggest, I have a bridge in NYC that you can have real cheap.;

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  1. @Tabor
    Trump could take heed. Yes, yes he could.

    But, really, is there any example of his doing that at any time in the last 3 years?
    Even Ivanka could not pry his iPhone from his cold, dead hands.

    With all that said, this interview is a CYA smoke screen aimed at pretending that Barr got no marching orders. It is very, very unlikely that that is true.

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  2. These are Andrew Weissman’s and Hillary Clinton’s hand-picked prosecutors and this is just the latest pre-planned Trump “scandal.” The reason they recommended such an outrageous sentence for a non-violent, first-time offender is because they knew it would trigger this sort of reaction.

    Unfortunately, Mr Trump’s showman persona led him right into their trap.

    Mr Barr is one of the most highly regarded attorneys in the US. He is a very serious man and he has no showman tendencies whatsoever. He has no patience for this sort of stuff. Mr Trump should heed his advice on this one.

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    1. @TK
      Barr is a partisan hack, not a respected lawyer. He has played that role for decades. Look it up.

      The recommended sentence was pulled right out of the rule book. In other countries that Trump admires very much this “first time offender” would be taken out and shot for treason. He has been “ratfucking” our politics for decades. It has finally caught up with him.

      These so-called “pre-planned Trump scandals” requires Trump to be easily fooled and manipulated into self-harm. Hmm. Maybe for once you are on to something.

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          1. Dont act like a witless numbskull. Both were charged with lying to Congress. Lying in a congressional investigation is illegal plain and simple. One wasn’t sent to prison and one might be. Why didn’t you demand that Clinton go to prison? Or should I answer that for you?


          2. I don’t recall formal criminal charges being brought against Ms. Clinton. If there is such a formal charge, please enlighten us with it.

            You can’t so your comment is, let’s just say, a whiny whataboutism that those in Trump land use to justify the idiocy of their leader and his sycophantic yes men.

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        1. @BobR

          I still have no idea what you are talking about. To the best of my knowledge neither Clinton has ever been convicted of a crime or even indicted. So really, what are you talking about?

          By the way, lying under oath to Congress was only 1 of the 7 serious crimes that Stone was convicted of. So, it is not nine years for 1 crime, it is nine years for 7 crimes.

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      1. Roger Stone is guilty of supporting Mr Trump and this entire fiasco is nothing more than a political persecution. Tucker Carlson nails it . . .

        Tucker Carlson Calls For Roger Stone Pardon ==> https://youtu.be/AymhalSrhtc

        Mr Barr is indeed, highly regarded — and even Dems have voted to confirm hims as AG. Of course, in this hyper-partisan climate, Dems and the fakestream media are vehemently opposed to him.

        For one thing, he knows what he’s doing, but mostly because he has expressed concern about the DOJ’s role in the Russia collusion delusion, which inflicted enormous harm on America.

        John Durham also has a stellar reputation. Of course, if his investigation doesn’t match the false narrative set by Dems and fakestreamers, they’ll rewrite the reality of his reputation, too.

        The playbook calls for these creeps to discredit whomever they decide is a threat. Fortunately, many Americans have figured it out.

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        1. “Roger Stone is guilty of supporting Mr Trump”…

          Not charged with that. He was charged with obstructing congress, lying to federal agents and witness tampering. If he did those in support of Mr. Trump, it makes no difference. They were criminal acts. A jury of his peers found him guilty and he will be sentenced accordingly.

          And just because Dershowitz said the President can do whatever he wants if he believes his reelection is in the public interest (what politician wouldn’t think that), it does not mean his cronies and partners in crime can. Stone was found guilty. Period. Trump can pardon him, if he chooses. But the optics of that would be worse than when Clinton, on his way out, pardoned Marc Rich.

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          1. If Bloomberg really wants to help get trump out of the WH he should buy FOX news(?).

            It would take some time to help the cult get well as they slowly (hopefully) see what reality looks like, but it might be the only way to bring them back from the “alternative facts” universe they are living in…

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          2. Are you kidding? Seven to nine yrs for lying to politicians is prosecutorial misconduct on the level of a full-blown fascist police-state!

            In any case, it has been discovered the the jury forewoman is a radical left-wing extremist, who hid her biases from the court. I predict that within two weeks, this case will be tossed.

            You people are dangerous and a threat to American liberty.
            She Lied Under Oath! Social Media Posts Contradict Roger Stone Juror’s Testimony


        2. “The playbook calls for these creeps to discredit whomever they decide is a threat.”

          Very Trumpian comment. For MR. Trump has consistently done what you are accusing of others of doing. He does the same thing when he projects his misgivings on tho those who oppose him.

          And you are right. The majority of Americans HAVE figured out Trump’s game. Too bad supporters, such as yourself, have not. In fact you cheer it and say whatever the Grand Orange One tells you to say. Using his own words. It’s like a bot that repeats the programming. hmmmmm.

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