Crossover Day

Pilot Editorial

Too much, too hurried.

After being out of power for a decade, the Democrats have tried to cram a decade of legislating into their first time at bat. Major changes need deliberation. Marijuana legalization alone,  done right, would consume most of the deliberative time in a session, but the Dems have crammed that, gun control, their Green New Deal lite, transit oriented development (again) and LGBTLMNOP protected classes, each worthy of a session’s deliberative time, into one year.

I watched yesterday as Ms Fillercorn ran through the 2nd readings of scores of bills like an auctioneer so they could be voted on today.

You can watch today’s session at

keep refreshing it every 10 minutes or so until the session starts.

If the GOP really wanted to play hardball. they could stall with parliamentary delays and points of personal privilege and run out the clock so that most bills would die as time ran out at midnight. But that would be as partisan as what the Democrats have been doing.


23 thoughts on “Crossover Day

  1. @Tabor

    Let’s stipulate that the basic structure is broken. The ideal of a part-time Legislature no longer is the ideal.

    With that said, I do not recall you complaining when the GOP was equally “partisan” pushing through their agenda. As you used to say . . . “Elections have consequences, get over it.”

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    1. Certainly the GOP can be partisan, but this is different in that so many very contentious issues are being crammed into one year.

      When people feel they have had their say, and their input considered, they can accept a loss better than when on a very complex issue like gun control huge changes are made on party line votes after only 10 minutes of debate(5 minutes to each side) Neither side feels it has been heard and thus will not accept a loss.

      Partisan is one thing, but trying to change the whole world in 4 weeks is another.


      1. Horse feathers! You only bemoan partisanship when it is Democratic. Because the Libertarians can’t get out of their own way and run a viable candidate for dog catcher, you side with the GOP. Contentious issues are there EVERY year. But when the GOP is in control, you have no issues with that whatsoever.

        G-d created the world in one week. Maybe man can change it in 4.

        Elections have consequences.

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      2. @Tabor

        Again, you did not express any such concern for the tender feelings of the majority of people in Virginia whose say and input on, say, women’s rights, Medicaid expansion or gun control was totally ignored by the GOP Legislature when they rammed through their agenda on “contentious issues.”

        Whatever validity your point about the process might have, it is undermined by your selective and obviously partisan making of it. Silent then, vocal now. No sale. Besides, karma is a bitch.

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        1. The GOP did kill a lot of stuff in committee. Some of it was justified, some not, and I have said so for years.

          When Democrats introduced measures that had no chance of passing, just to get Republicans on record for votes that could be misrepresented, they were justified, but when they did it to avoid a frank debate on an issue, they were not.


          1. “When Democrats introduced measures that had no chance of passing, just to get Republicans on record for votes that could be misrepresented,”…
            What is wrong with getting a representative on the record for something even if it doesn’t pass? It is something the GOP could have attempted as well to get their Democrat colleagues on the record to run against them with. Is it a political ply? Absolutely. But how can one say their elected representative believes what the constituent believes if there is no record?

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  2. The GOP, when in power, killed bills in pre-dawn committee meetings where NO ONE got a chance to speak on the merits of the bill. You didn’t bemoan that fact. In fact you praised it. (I know. Libertarians believe in smaller, or better yet, NO government. Unless it has to do with a woman’s health choices.) Nor did you complain when the GOP shoved an invasive procedure onto women who were seeking health care advice.

    Your hypocrisy based on who is in control of the legislature is so blatantly obvious to even the most casual observer. Yet you don’t see it in yourself. You may want to contact one of the 100 psychology majors you bemoaned under the student loan post.

    WRT marijuana legalization (actually the bill is for decriminalization), it has been proposed numerous times, usually by a GOP representative, if I recall. That bill is moving forward properly and needs little more debate. – IMHO. It is a good process for eventually legalizing it. But incremental steps are just fine. Next year.

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  3. RE: “You can watch today’s session at…”

    I’ve been watching off and on since about noon. My impression on the whole is that Virginia can now be called the California of the East. What a pity.


    1. HB961 passed 51-48, which means we turned 4 Dems in the House. Now on to the Senate.

      Compact of the States passed the House too, if it passes the Senate too, we’ve seen our last Presidential campaign ad.


          1. The Senate version, SB399 was stricken by the Patron, which usually means he was told he didn’t have the votes to pass it. Same thing for SB16, the Senate version of HB961.


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