The utter failure of this administration.

In the words of GWB @ Trump’s inauguration address, “that was some weird shit” at the SOTU speech the other night. But this has to take the cake:

So, it turns out the Philadelphia fourth grader Janiyah Davis, who Trump said was trapped in a “failing government school” before he made the point of awarding her, and only her, a scholarship, live, on prime time TV, was already going to a top-notch “government” school, had no need for a scholarship, and didn’t have a clue why Trump put her in the audience.

It just boggles the mind how anyone can be that stupid, mindless and incompetent.

6 thoughts on “The utter failure of this administration.

  1. RE: “t just boggles the mind how anyone can be that stupid, mindless and incompetent.”

    Janiyah Davis has a scholarship she didn’t have before. Where’s the beef?

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    1. @Roberts

      The beef is clear. The clowns surrounding the ass hat clown in the Oval Office failed to find a student suitable to make their point. Either they are grossly incompetent or the task they were given on short notice was just not doable. Maybe a bit of both.

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  2. I guess there is less “beef” than curiosity. If that school were really an example of a “failing government school”, then we obviously have no problem that needs to solved with school choice.

    Of all the schools that are troubled and students that would be wonderful examples of being in bad schools, why this case? The school was one of the most sought after and selective in the state.

    It would be interesting to know the criteria used for this students selection.

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  3. @Muephy & Rothman

    So, the president’s message is no good because the symbolism doesn’t meet your standards.

    That’s illogical, not to mention irrelevant and ungracious.

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  4. So, the kid went to private school because public school did not meet her needs. This MaST school just opened this fall and somehow has been rated by who knows as an instant success story because 6k people applied for it? It has no record of achievement but certainly accepted a private schooler who must have scored well but couldn’t continue in private school because of lack of funds. Sounds like a scholarship was what she needed to go to a proven school of her choice.

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