How To Make Liberals**

Take middle class wage-earners and convince them that the poor are just lazy, that safety net programs are the bane of a free society, that government is an impediment to the free market, that healthcare is already affordable because their employers pays for it, and that they should vote for those who would curb socialism, stop any progressive reforms, and remove regulations and unions from their beneficent captains of industry.

In short, start with Conservatives.

When they elect a moron to lead, the markets and banks collapse because of unfettered deregulation and lack of oversight, the industries become the benefactors of the wealthy foreign nations, and the plants close because the robber-baron owners can get cheaper labor overseas, then these middle class Conservatives lose their jobs and their income. With no healthcare, no welfare, no social security, and no unemployment insurance, they lose their savings, their homes, and then their health.

The middle class Conservatives soon remedy their mistake; they become Liberals.

But be of good cheer. In other lands, these newly created Liberals would have risen up and redistributed the wealth the old fashion way… by killing the remaining Conservatives and Captains of Industry. Here, they elect the Democrats, and under their control, the long Republican-maligned government spares Conservatives the gallows, regulates the thieves and robber barons in industry, levels the playing field… giving the oh-so grateful Conservatives a new government worthy of their ire.

**Written in 2008 but wait… It’s coming, and certain if they reelect the moron.

25 thoughts on “How To Make Liberals**

  1. “With no healthcare, no welfare, no social security, and no unemployment insurance, they lose their savings, their homes, and then their health.”

    I have written many times, with push back from the right, that social safety nets, which include affordable healthcare and education, are capitalism’s best friends.

    It provides a stable platform for the non-entrepreneurial classes while allowing the innovators and capitalists to do what they do best: innovate and take risks. As we learned, or observed since apparently we are slow learners, after 2008, privatizing profits while socializing losses is not a good thing.

    A good national economic and political system will permit risk taking and innovation in a stable social environment.
    Of course, that costs money and the source of that should be mostly borne by those who benefit the most.

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    1. Even at my most conservative days I’d disagree with that overly broad generalization.

      And if you believe the converse about the current so-called conservatives I’d have to take exception.

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      1. Whatever happened to the tried and true elements of political conversions:

        A liberal is a conservative who was arrested.

        A conservative is a liberal who was mugged.

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    2. @Tabor

      Your constant self-congratulatory dipping into this well never stops being funny. I hope you have a good chiropractor who can straighten out that arm bent out of shape patting yourself on the back.

      The laughability of this self-worship is doubled since y’all have turned your backs on both reason and accountability in your Stalinist support of Dear Leader.

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        1. @Tabor

          “It appears I hit a nerve.”

          Uh, no. You flatter yourself. Again.
          Your constant claims of intellectual superiority really are funny.
          Maybe not in a good way, but funny.
          Kind of like our “stable genius” Dear Leader.

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  2. Or we could look at how to make a “conservative.”

    LBJ stated in succinctly in 1960 in a conversation with a young staffer, Bill Moyers . . .

    “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

    Our current Birther-in-chief is the living proof of LBJ’s prescience.

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  3. I only observe and report. What is described has happened countless times in history but usually with a loss of blood, lots and lots of blood.

    Voting is the bloodless way to accomplish the task.

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  4. Weird, I thought it was more like liberals trying to convince the 80% that pay little to no income tax that someone else owes them more credit than they can afford, more money than is economically feasible and to not worry about healthcare because someone else will pay for. They buy it, get a CRA, they spend far beyond their means, their company packs up and leaves for more affordable overhead, they find themselves on the street with no house, no money, swamped in debt, waiting months to a year if ever for rationed healthcare and then are told someone else was at fault. Wash, rinse, repeat…

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        1. @BobR

          The truth hurts . . .

          Maybe you can tell us. You sure seem hurt when rational people point out the truth that Mr. Trump is a life-long huckster and charlatan, an inveterate liar and a debauched sybarite with no known qualities of decency, empathy or intellect. That truth makes a lot of people squeal. As I recall, you are one of those.

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  5. Ooooh, oooh, this is a wonderful opportunity to carry forward a conversation on the differences between the Laws of Physical Sciences and the Laws of Social Sciences (including, but not limited to Economics) from the previous publication, and to highlight the exemplars.

    Consider the economic “Law of Diminishing Returns” which while called it a “law” is at best a problematic theory. Assuming it to be a “law” then the more and more the Conservatives post their comments and remarks, shouldn’t those comments become less and less dumb? Or, is that a case of the Law of Practice Makes Perfect?

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  6. I will contend that Trump is neither liberal nor conservative.

    He is unprincipled.

    He will acquiesce to the loudest cheers and quietest adulation that reinforce his view of himself as a genius.

    Cases in point. While the rallies revolve around nationalism of the pale variety, as well as the “enemies of the day” like the media, the Democrats, NATO and any Republican critics, the industry lobbyists hired as “regulators” are destroying our lands, waters, air and safe workplaces.

    So for the public, the red hats cheer. For industry, we get the behind closed door meetings where the “wink, winks” have become executive orders that few can understand until their wells spew chemical effluent.


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      1. Trump’s primary good quality is that he is not Hillary?

        In what way is that a good quality?

        He is corrupt. She is not.
        He is lazy. She is not.
        She understands the issues and problems. He does not.
        She reads. He does not.
        When called to testify, she did. He will not.
        She discloses her finances. He will not.
        She speaks with college level English. He is stuck in Fourth Grade.
        She has been faithful to her spouse. He has not.
        She is not cowed by Vladimir Putin. He obviously is.
        She has spent a career working for others. He has spent his life “working” only for himself.

        I could go on. There is NOTHING about Trump that is in any way superior to Hillary. Nothing.

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        1. There’s some wiggle room in those comparisons for Hillary. Not for Trump, but for Hillary.

          The Republicans could have had a popular vote and an Electoral landslide with any of 3 other choices.

          But for their choosing Trump, Hillary lost me when, during the DNC debates, one of the moderators asked ONE hypothetical, irrelevant, stupid, silly question, “Would you ever knowingly lie to the American people?”

          There is only one answer to that. Bernie gave it in less than 5 seconds; akin to “If I’m permitted to answer the question, the answer is ‘No,’ I would never choose to lie.”

          Then Hillary spent her entire 3 minutes (and half of Bernie’s remaining 2 minutes and 55 seconds) launching into a lecture straight out of “Profiting on Contractual Ambiguity 495” that surpassed what the definition of “is” is.

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  7. Wow. Just wow. Do you really think that Hillary is all that? If so I’ll find it hard to give you credit for anything you say going forward.


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