This is how frightened the GOP is of Trump.

“We’re not censuring him for voting his conscience. We’re censuring him for the positions that he’s taken through this whole process,” Lyman said. “And to send a message that we want to have good relationships with the White House, we want to have good relationships with President Trump.”

“OMG, Trump is going to be sooo mad at Utah. Please, please don’t punish us for what one man has done to you. We are so sorry.”, 2/6/20

Sorry is the operative word. The Senate trial was fixed from the beginning because of Republican Senators shaking in their flip flops. We got that.

But that kind of unprincipled fear of one man in our country is just really sad. I certainly wouldn’t keep the shame in the daylight by censuring Romney.

No president should ever have that much power. Especially one with such a low approval rating.

Congress needs to reassert itself as the core of our government, beholden to the citizens of all the states and not the whims of a president because he tweets childish insults and has a few extremists on the airways.

9 thoughts on “This is how frightened the GOP is of Trump.

  1. Oh gawd, give me a freakin’ break. Messrs Trump and McRomney have had a rather hostile relationship for quite some time. Even so, Mr Trump offered Milquetoast Mitt the proverbial olive branch and actually endorsed his Senate campaign.

    However, Mitt is a slimy, seditious SOB and he stabbed America right dead in the middle of the back.

    To be clear, Mr McRomney’s decision was purely personal — and in no way related to God, religion, consciousness or character.

    BTW, Mr McConnell said that he was disappointed in Mr McRomney, but added, “there’s always the next vote.”

    In other words, the Dems’ worship and adulation of Milquetoast Mitt’s “courage” will be short-lived 😉


  2. RE: “The Senate trial was fixed from the beginning because of Republican Senators shaking in their flip flops. We got that.”

    I don’t. Were the Senate truly afraid of Trump, their best option would have been to convict him. The fantasy you are spinning makes no sense.


    1. Had they convicted Trump, the Senators would have probably still lost their seats in the tighter states.

      But we needed 20 to shift, and that was not going to happen. Mitch also realized that his power was tied to the president. His own approval rating in KY is around 27%.

      Besides, the crucial vote was not the acquittal. It was about the witnesses and documents. I don’t believe the right wing spin that the impeachment didn’t try hard enough. They had little choice since all witnesses were blocked and would have dragged into the middle of 2020.

      As we noted, the defense was that Trump did what he did, but he can do so because he was president. I know there were some tap dancing about corruption, foreign policy, executive privileges etc. But Dershowitz summed it up with his incredible argument that no matter what the president does, if he thinks it is in the national interest, then there is no crime. And that puts way too much power in the hands of one man. If it were Obama, you would have been appalled.

      Witnesses pertinent to the actions stipulated, which were Mulvaney and Bolton, among others, would have at least given the voting public the truth so they can decide in November. But even that was a risk to Mitch’s power, so he put on a full court press to prevent it.

      So we’ll have a few weeks of ranting and raving along with new nicknames and childish insults, then move on.

      There are at least 4 cases involving Trump financial shenanigans at SCOTUS and they are going to be ruled on in March, and announced in June. Bolton’s book will come out. Of course, there is the Biden investigation which may or may not enter into the picture.

      To wrap up, the idea of a censure by some scared operative in Utah is so over the top it would be laughable if it weren’t a statement about the totally spineless GOP. A dangerous mix.

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    2. Still makes no sense:

      • The Senate was under no obligation to call witnesses, and didn’t need them to render a valid acquittal.

      • Dershowitz didn’t make the argument you attribute to him.

      • You impute motives to McConnell based on your own interpretation of his actions, which is fallacious reasoning.

      • There is no good reason to believe Lyman is scared of anyone.

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      1. • Agree, no “legal” obligation. Disagree. New evidence in a trial is always needed to render a proper verdict.

        • Disagree. He said so in his statements to the Senate as a defense lawyer. Of course he also holds that impeachment requires statutory crimes or “crime like” actions. Which is wrong on its face.

        • I don’t care what reasons you believe, but a man with a 27% approval rating in his own state and is arguably the second most powerful man in the Trump administration provides enough evidence for my opinion.

        • “And to send a message that we want to have good relationships with the White House, we want to have good relationships with President Trump.” And for that they needed to censure Romney? Utah is already one of the most conservative states in the Union. But, as we have seen time and again, subdued support of the president is enough to set the right wing propaganda machine and the twitter chief into full regurgitation mode. And scares the bejesus out of Republican office holders. So never mind a vote to convict. That is blasphemy.

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        1. If there is any doubt that Utah fears Donald Trump, just check the new rules on reentry of CITIZENS form New York.

          The retribution tour rambles on. Because Article II of the Constitution says he can do whatever he wants. And the GOP in the Senate just erased Article I.


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