18 thoughts on “The Real Reason Trump is still President.

  1. Neither you nor Sen Brown have the least clue what is going on in the GOP.

    Romney is just a bitter “Never Trumper” who is consumed by his own failure. But what of other Never Trumpers like Rand Paul? Ran Paul isn’t afraid of anything. He has gone his own way many times in defiance of the GOP. Yet he has some over to be a steadfast ally for Trump. Figure that out.

    Trump has brought the fight back to the heart of the GOP.

    Annoying as he might be.

    As wrong as he might be on some issues.

    He has shown them how to stand on their feet and fight, and that is leadership they have been missing for a while.

    They aren’t afraid of him, he has won them over.

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    1. @Tabor

      I did not claim to have any inside knowledge about what GOP Senators really think. And, in spite of your bold assertions about what motivates them neither do you.

      But your claim that SENATOR Sherrod Brown does not have such knowledge is obviously just plain silly.

      As for the Never-Trumpers that Trump has “won over” how do you suppose he did that? You mentioned the jackass Rand Paul doing his best to get the whistleblower killed. Then there is Lindsay Graham – a better example of a Trump convert. It is not a coincidence that both of these Senators represent two of the most backward and ignorant states in the country with lots of Republican voters who – like you – believe Trump’s lies and think that being a bully is a sign of strength.

      Your paean to Trump’s so-called “leadership” is an exhibit of the sort of authoritarian Stalinist mindset that is the hallmark of Trumpism. He is an ugly, ignorant and selfish bully without an ounce of understanding or empathy and you love it. He has zero respect for the law, decency, tradition or the Constitution and you love it. It is really quite a spectacle.

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    2. I disagree with your premise of “no fear”. He ran his campaign based on fear. He is running the GOP based on fear. If you ignore that, you ignore the Constitution.

      Romney had the backbone to tell the truth. Paul is an N-TINO. If he truly were a Never Trumper, he would not have attempted to out the whistle blower. Rand Paul fears for his political life and proved it, just like the remainder of the GOP who voted to acquit someone many of them admit is guilty.

      Trump didn’t bring the fight to the GOP; he beat them into submission.

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    3. RE: “He has shown them how to stand on their feet and fight, and that is leadership they have been missing for a while.”

      Yup. And not just the GOP, but also anyone who intuitively grasps that America First is a valid governing principle.


          1. My opinion and I discern it, as do MANY others, quite well. If you don’t pay attention to the words Trump uses and the way he has equated himself as the country, I can’t, nor will I try, to change your mind.

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      1. @Roberts

        There is nothing wrong with “America First” as a “valid governing principle.” The problem is that it can be a counter-productive policy.

        Sometimes our best interests as a nation are better served when we subordinate what we want to the interests of allies, adversaries and/or trading partners. The ability to make such judgments is the essence of statesmanship. Donald Trump is no statesman. He is simply not capable of the subtleties, nuance and sacrifice involved. He may be able to bully a Mom and Pop contractor and cheat them out of their due. That un- statesmanlike approach does not work when dealing with nations such as, say, China or Iran. And may lead to serious harm. Just ask a soybean farmer or a soldier whose life is put at risk.

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  2. Sherrod Brown just confirms what I have said all along. The fear of Trump by today’s GOP is no way to run a government. Their loyalty to him above country is damning enough. But for any one of them to say it is not their duty and they should wait for the election is actually a DERELICTION of their duty and their sworn oath to the Constitution. Shameful.

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  3. Dems conjured up the most desperate and dishonest tactics imaginable and historians will record this impeachment as the most colossal political blunder in US history.

    But the patriots won again and Mr Trump is well on his way to winning a 2nd-term landslide. It would not want to be a Dem in 2021, for they will rue the day that they impeached him 😉

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        1. @TK

          Actually, Trump’s focus is on NOTHING but his own interest. Sadly and pathetically, his own interest includes not just money and power but also includes revenge on President Obama for ridiculing him so completely at that correspondents dinner. Then there is making up for that tiny hands thing.

          If your statement were even remotely true then Trump would have actually removed himself completely from all of his business interests as, for example, Jimmy Carter did when he sold the peanut farm. But, no. The most important job in the world was not important enough for Trump to devote himself to it.

          You always come across as puerile, untutored and gullible with all your “tribes” talk and your loose but violent rhetoric but to actually believe what you just said? Sad.

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          1. According to Forbes, being President has literally cost Mr Trump hundreds of millions. As for Mr Obama, pfft . . . . he became rich as a result of his role as bankster-puppet of the swamp. By contrast, Mr Trump was rich long before he arrived.

            Clearly, Mr. Trump is not owned by anyone. He has more than enough $$$; however, his ego is insatiable. He would rather be known as “Donald the Great,” than stuff another billion in his pockets.

            As for you, well, you’re just another supercilious, know-it-all, know-nothing leftist.


          2. Any claim that Trump is losing money because of his Presidency are unsupportable guesses at best. No real financial disclosures have been forthcoming even though Trump promised dozens of times that he would release his tax returns.

            You actually believe without question a proven pathological liar. A liar with more than 16,000 documented lies, half-truths and distortions to his credit in just three years. That makes you gullible. To say the least.

            Good night and good luck.

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          3. “Mr. Trump is not owned by anyone. ” You may believe that. I believe his words and actions show him as Putin’s Biatch. But that’s just my opinion. And 67 million others who didn’t vote for him.

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        2. …”while you people focus on open borders and free healthcare for the citizens of other countries”…

          If you had any clue whatsoever, you would know that there are well over 200 bills sitting in the black hole of Magic Mitch’s desk dealing with the things that ARE in the interests of the American people. But because it is a Democratically controlled House that passed them, McConnell won’t do the people’s business.

          He’s too busy burying is head up Trump’s ample backside, protecting his majority in the Senate and claiming that all will be fine as soon as impeachment is over. Well, its over, in its preordained finish, and still Mitch apparently can’t find the key to his desk drawer. He’s too busy celebrating Trump’s acquittal to do the people’s business. That and allowing one of his members, who voted his conscience, be attacked mercilessly. Such a leader Mitch is.

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  4. Well, what we CAN say is that out of 100 Senators, ONE demonstrably voted his conscience, maintained his oath of impartiality, and wrestled with his decision.

    Then, too, we can say that the preponderance of the evidence indicates that some 15 to 20 others clearly violated the sanctity of the oath having vehemently stated their respective conclusions before and after taking the oath.

    The remaining 80-odd just fall in the quiet gray area of the mushy unknowns.

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