Chuck Grassley begins Hunter Biden investigation

Link to source.

I came across a curious speculation earlier today that Joe Biden’s only purpose in running for president may have been to establish the pretext for Trump’s impeachment. There is, of course, no good reason to believe such a thing at this point.

No good reason at all. Nope. Also, Lunch-bucket Joe is way too smart to have been set up. There is zero evidence — nada, zip — that he might be feeble-minded.

19 thoughts on “Chuck Grassley begins Hunter Biden investigation

  1. @Roberts
    Curious indeed.
    Given your written intro to this link I would steer clear of throwing around epithets like “feeble-minded.” Just saying.

    As for the substance, this has Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! written all over it.

    However, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, is it not? Time for the corresponding committees of the House to start digging more deeply into the comings and goings of the Trumpies? Inquiring minds want to know, for example, how Ivanka suddenly got so many valuable trademarks.

    And, on a more serious note, we need to get to the bottom Jared Kushner’s role in the murder of the Washington Post journalist – Jamal Khashoggi – who was, at the time of his being dismembered alive, reportedly digging into Kushner’s windfalls of Saudi money. As we have seen with the Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi fiasco, Congressional investigations have been launched with far less than the rumors flying around that murder and the beheading of many other people who may have been on the blacklist of names that Kushner provided to MBS.

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  2. {how Ivanka suddenly got so many valuable trademarks.}

    You people are desperate. In the business of fashion and apparel, trademarks are nothing out of the ordinary. They are SOP — and are simply intended to prevent others from profiting from counterfeit labels.

    Are you familiar with the Nike swoosh?


        1. I have three words for the three investigations: Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.
          Seven investigations to find out nothing was done wrong. This is more of a witch hunt and hoax than the impeachment investigation. At least there was actionable evidence for that. Conspiracy theories are NOT actionable evidence.

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          1. Mr Trump and his family made their fortunes long before they ever arrived in the DC swamp. On the other hand, the Bidens made theirs AFTER they arrived. Furthermore, in the matters of Hunter Biden’s Ukraine and China dealings, there are clear links that suggest Uncle Joe used his office to exert influence.

            Yet, you people look the other way and worry your little selves to death about Mr Trump’s family.

            Too funny . . . and too predictable . . .

            (Mr Trump cannot be bought, for he already has more $$$ than he can count.)


          2. Mr Trump cannot be bought because he is a fully owned BIATCH of Vladimir Putin.

            And if Trump has more money than he can count, how much more does Bloomberg have?


          3. @TK

            “Mr Trump cannot be bought, for he already has more $$$ than he can count.”

            God, are you gullible! Do you really think somebody as pitifully needy as Trump would hide his true wealth so doggedly if it was anywhere close to what he brags about? He claims that it is more than $10 billion. Zero or less is entirely possible and probably more likely. You may not know this, but “wealth” includes what you own MINUS what you owe.

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  3. Trademarks in China are impossible to get for outsiders. Part of the intellectual property abuses that Trump’s tariffs were supposed to address.

    Instead we are waiting for a “phase one” deal that essentially gets us back to pre-tariff days, if that.

    All it took was for Trump to drop sanctions on ZTE and, ta da, trademarks for his lovely daughter.

    Not to mention a $500 million investment by China in a Trump deal in Indonesia.

    I believe you are referring to the Trump “swoosh”. That the sound that integrity and truth make when leaving a building where Trump goes.

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  4. “… Joe Biden’s only purpose in running for president may have been to establish the pretext for Trump’s impeachment.”

    That’s almost, but not quite, as good of a trick as publishing the birth announcement in 1961 of a man who MIGHT possibly run for President someday.

    Strictly ID-10T

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    1. When one hangs out in the fringes of the Internet, a person can read and hear all kinds of incredible stuff.

      I mean, what president would be stupid enough to fall for a convoluted scheme like that.

      Never mind.

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  5. {how much more does Bloomberg have?}

    More than your pal Vlad can count — and enough to buy the DNC 🙂

    In any case, you should know that the Russian bogeyman narrative has been inverted. For the Steele dossier is a product of Russian intelligence — and it was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Then, of course, we learned from Mr Horowitz that the FBI used the dossier as justification to illegally spy on Mr Trump.

    Clearly, then, it is the Dems who colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.


    1. Delusion, thy name is Thadd the Bot. And the one you call “your pal” is YOUR boss. SO what’s your point?

      And the illegality of the surveillance was ruled out. (Unlike the Mueller report where the obstruction was NOT ruled out. In fact, it was proven at least 10 times) Incompetent maybe. But no legal action has been nor will be taken except for maybe one, low-level lawyer at the FBI.

      Keep trying, Bot-boy. Your posts are so asinine, they have become entertaining.

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    1. @TK


      As for a “major surprise” we have been hearing that for over a year now. But, if you mean that somewhere in the vast DOJ and security bureaucracy he will find someone to indict, that would not be a surprise.

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  6. Typo . . . In any case, Mr Barr has only been on the job since April and odds are, Mr Durham did not begin his investigation until several weeks after that. Heck, the Mueller investigation took nearly two yrs, so be patient.


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