How not to follow an upbeat speech


Trump made people feel uplifted, following up by Pelosi publicly tearing up the speech followed by a governor whining about life no harder than all of us face is such a downer.

Ask yourself, who made you feel good, who made you feel bad.



27 thoughts on “How not to follow an upbeat speech

  1. Uplifted? By a pack of lies?
    Pelosi did well to publicly tear them up.

    Maybe you missed it, but Trumpie was not man enough to shake the hand that Pelosi extended to him. What a wimp! Or has he developed painful spurs in his knuckles?

    Trump diminishes everything he touches.
    And that now includes the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
    What a slap in the face to decency and civility.

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    1. I saw that.

      Pelosi extended her right hand and Trump handed her her copy of the speech with his right hand, having given Pence his copy with his left.

      Looked more like an awkward fumble than a slight.


      1. Looked more like an awkward moment? Yeah, right. How could he possibly know in advance that he would be face to face with the Speaker. To shake or not to shake, that is the question. He did not fumble. He made a decision. Who should I believe. My Lying Eyes. or You? Hmmm.

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    1. Looks more like quibbles than facts.

      For example, FactCheck criticizes Trump’s claim on number of jobs created for starting at the time of his election instead of his inauguration. But in truth, business and industry did respond to Trump’s election immediately. As soon as they knew the 8 year nightmare of Obama was over and would not be continued with Hillary, business confidence soared.

      It goes on through the list, yes, the wall in San Diego “by itself” did not cut illegal immigration, but immigration officials say it was a necessary part of their strategy.

      On and on, factcheck bends context to quibble over statements, when what really matters was mood.

      But, I guess I’ll take Napoleons advice though and let the negative response to a conciliatory and uplifting speech do its part in destroying the Democratic party. I’ve put enough effort into saving you from yourselves.


      1. “conciliatory and uplifting speech” ??

        Trump will be remembered as the worst President in history.

        All the smoke and mirrors will be for nought as the facts, as they do, win out over time.

        If you think trump’s lies (daily) are simply a “quibble” you’ve lost it…

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          1. Observing how things work is not the same thing as approval.

            While the Democrat’s antics may be popular inside the ‘bubble,’ they look petty and childish to the persuadable middle.


          2. @Tabor

            So, Pelosi is risking the persuadable middle? So what is Trump doing with his daily “antics?”

            And let me give a typical Trump-like response to your comment about our “bubble.”
            It goes something like this . . .

            “Our bubble is way bigger than your widdle bubble. Nyah. Nyah. Nyah. Nyah.”

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      2. @Tabor

        “But in truth, business and industry did respond to Trump’s election immediately.”

        There is no evidence of that “fact” in any credible form. In fact, the trajectory of the economy shows no sign of the mythological turnaround that Trump lies about. Just limping ahead. Last year showed GDP growth of 2.3%. By now, it was supposed to be “4%, 5% or even 6%” thanks to tax cuts for the rich.

        Explain how this, for example, is a “quibble.” Trump made this statement . . .

        “Thanks to our bold regulatory reduction campaign, the United States has become the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world, by far.”

        In fact, he had nothing to do with it unless you believe in time travel. We reached the top on Obama’s watch natural gas in 2009 and petroleum in 2013. It is very telling when the President brags about “accomplishments” that the simplest effort to check the facts proves that he is lying yet again. How can anyone believe anything a lying liar says?

        Forbes magazine identified this and four other MAJOR lies in the speech.

        Somebody should tear up that pack of lies. Oh, wait. Somebody did.

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  2. Speaker Pelosi did the most polite thing she could have been done with those pages and pages of lies. Personally, I think she could have done the best thing with that speech by quietly dropping it to the floor, squatting down and . . . well, you know the ending, I imagine. That’s what I thought of little donald’s script for a tear-dropping reality-style show which his entire faux ‘presidency’ has been.

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  3. If Pelosi could have smacked Trump in the back of the head every time he told a lie, he could have had a concussion before the 30 minute mark. Then maybe he would understand what TBI really is. Her tearing up of the speech was the MOST uplifting thing of the entire 78 minutes.

    Nancy tore up a speech. Trump and his GOP sycophants tore up the Constitution.

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    1. I did. And the answer was Ms. Pelosi symbolically doing to that speech exactly what it deserved.

      The icing on the cake was the Medal of Freedom presentation to Rush Limbaugh. Deserving or not (I go with not, but that is my opinion), why not do a big ceremony in the White House where it would get the attention it deserves? Or is Mr. Trump scared he would catch Limbaugh’s (very sad) disease? And he figures if Melania catches it, it’s cheaper than divorce.

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