House Dems:”Wow, did we screw up that impeachment or what?”

Iowa Dems:  “Hold my beer.”

Maybe the Russians can find the missing Bernie ballots.

21 thoughts on “House Dems:”Wow, did we screw up that impeachment or what?”

  1. Would you care to elaborate or is the former leader of the Unicorn Party just going to be smug when something goes wrong on the side you disagree with?

    Haven’t heard anything about Libertarian Party nomination. Care to enlighten us, or is it a big secret until Election Day?

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    1. The LP will choose a candidate in convention May 25th.

      Whoever it is will be far superior to either of the major party candidates. And will lose.

      We need to start at the State legislature level and stop nominating Presidential and Gubernatorial candidates until we have a base in the legislature.


      1. There are almost as many Libertarians listed as having met the party criteria for nomination as there are Dems running today. In fact, the Iowa Caucus (such as it was) had only 11 candidates under consideration and the LP list has 14, including, by their photos, The Mad Hatter and Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (real name: Vermin Supreme). Your claim of superiority would be laughable if you weren’t serious.

        It’s been 49 years and the limited number of people that take the party seriously will prevent any kind of legislatural inroads. That also tells me why you are so enamored with Mr. Trump.


          1. In case you haven’t noticed, Democrats in Virginia are working overtime to deny your civil rights.

            Right to work, right to life, right to Keep and Bear arms.


          2. Your opinion is about as useful as Trump’s speech. My right to life is being protected through common sense gun reform. My right to work is just fine and dandy and why should anyone get union benefits without contributions. And my right to keep and bear arms is NOT being denied. A little bit of inconvenience is NOT a denial of rights.


  2. In the case of Mr Nixon, Congress conducted an investigation that took 1-1/2 yrs and there was bipartisan support for it. Ultimately, that is what compelled him to resign. Of course, there was an actual crime in that case and that is likely why he lost the support of the American people.

    On the other hand, the cases of Messrs Clinton and Trump were nothing more than hyper-partisan political extravaganzas and impeachment actually made them stronger.

    The moral of the story: Blind hatred causes irrational behavior.

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    1. I think you are half right. Even several GOP Senators have stated publicly that Trump did exactly what he was impeached for. They are just too chickenshit to vote for removal.

      Big difference between lying about a hummer in the Oval Office and attempting to extort a foreign leader.

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      1. Clinton lied to deny Paula Jones her fair day in court on a sexual harassment suit. That is a very serious matter.

        Were it only a sexual pecadillo, I would agree with you but Lewiski was only the last in a long line of subordinates Clinton rewarded for sexual favors using the powers of his office. Creating a workplace where to get ahead you have to give a head is repugnant.

        Regarding what Trump did, the fact that he might benefit from the truth about Biden’s corruption being exposed does not change his duty to get to that truth. The question isn’t what he did but whether there was a public purpose. There was.

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        1. Such a pretzel you twist when trying to defend Trump. I can recommend a good chiropractor if need be.

          Trump’s only concern about corruption in Ukraine was to benefit from it financially for himself and his crony lawyer Rudy. Your blindness to that and constant, no rhythm drum beat about non-existent Biden corruption is boring now. Just because you keep saying it does not make it true.


          1. Just a continuation of his failures as a businessman who filed bankruptcy several times to avoid paying his debts. And with the deficit continuing to climb, real wages still as stagnant as before and tax revenues not keeping pace, the next bankruptcy filing could be the US.

            OK, a little hyperbolic, but who is going to pay down the deficit now? Oh, wait. A Democratic president will have to clean up another GOP, trickle down, supply side mess. Clinton fixed the Bush I fiasco, Obama got the recovery from the Bush II debacle ROLLING.


    2. There was no bipartisan support for Nixon until the Supreme Court made it clear he could not obstruct Congress. Once the truth came out, the GOP turned on him quicker than milk in the sun. McConnell and the GOP blocking ANY new evidence or hearing form witnesses that are NOW (yes, you, Mr. Bolton) willing to testify is a miscarriage of justice – IMHO.

      And a friendly reminder, the GAO stated that Mr. Trump did commit a crime. SO that is strike three.


  3. I don’t think they “screwed up” Iowa at all. The wrong guy polled too high so the Des Moines Register didn’t release the results. Then the wrong guy got too many votes at the caucus so they have to delay releasing those results until they can control the narrative.


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