Sad news

Limbaugh reveals cancer diagnosis

Rush Limbaugh, voice of the modern conservative resurgence for 30 years announced he has advanced lung cancer.

29 thoughts on “Sad news

  1. “the voice of the modern conservative resurgence”

    There is your problem. You probably really believe that the swill that Limbaugh serves up is “conservative.”

    There is no doubt that his influence has been very significant. More than any other individual he is behind turning America into AmeriKKKa and giving us Trump in the White House. From personal experience I know the pernicious effect his drooling hate speech had on my father – now deceased. It was not pretty.

    With that said, I would not wish the kind of end that he seems to be facing on anyone. I hope he finds a cure or comes to the end quickly.

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      1. Limbaugh’s embrace of birtherism and “Barack The Magic Negro” solidified his racist bona fides for me.

        Normally, people like that are not a big deal in a bar. But with an audience of 15 million “dittoheads” on a daily diet of his diatribes, he is a modern Father Coughlin with an internet echo chamber.

        He was a master at rousing hatred. A perfect Trump cheerleader.


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        1. “Barack the Magic Negro” is in no way racist. It is about Al Sharpton’s somewhat justified resentment of Obama’s rise from obscurity to President in only a few years compared to Sharpton’s decades in the trenches. Sharpton was known to regard Obama as a rider of coattails who paid too little respect to those who made the way for him.

          But of course you would never know that is you only hear a few trigger words.

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          1. @Tabor

            Yeah, and birtherism isn’t racist either. Riiight.

            Whatever its origins “Barack the Magic Negor” was ABOUT Limbaugh feeding his audience the racially-tinged swill that they like so much.

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          2. An Al Sharpton imitator singing a song about Obama’s rise based on him as an apologist to white guilt and then offered up as pablum to the dittoheads.

            Oh, sure, there was no racial disparity in that.

            Sharpton was, and still is, the primo example of black duplicity and nefariousness in politics among the disaffected whites. The modern “Birth of a Nation” showing black politicians “shuckin’ and jivin’ while the South suffers.

            I disagree with you on this.

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      2. I NEVER engage in “hate speech.” Unlike the vast majority of Trump supporters, I do not hate anybody based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, gun collection or political leanings. I DO however call out liars, bigots and other jackasses when I see them polluting the “marketplace of ideas” with their swill. If THAT is what you mean then, sure. I can be pretty harsh.

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  2. My guess is that Michael J won’t roll on the ground mimicking agony on morphine.

    What’s the cost of a one-way airfare to Oregon? Oh wait, what did Rush say about that?

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    1. It is important that when you are wrong, when the facts are against you, when science and life proves your position to be without merit, that you admit you were wrong, you were mistaken.

      To admit error, in some circumstances, does more to restore credibility than being right in the first place. It allows you the opportunity to reexamine your processes, and to see evidence in a new light, and more importantly, to accept new ideas and positions.

      I was wrong. Rush was correct.

      He has, by example, proved that Terry Schiavo could have lived 20+ years without brain function.

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  3. I have close personal knowledge about lung cancer. Tough disease, but quite treatable even if stage 3b.

    Unless it’s oat cell cancer.

    The problem might be his age. The best chemo is hard to tolerate in people much over 60. He’ll need some luck and good oncologists.

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          1. @Jim

            I lost my sister to cancer when she was in her 40’s so neither would I as I stated in my first response above.

            With that said, I agree with Jimmie that the passing of such an odious figure in the fullness of his years is not “sad” and I share his “Good riddance.” The world will be a better place without his ugly and ignorant hate-mongering polluting the airwaves.

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          1. Feminazi is not hate speech, it is a term for describing a very small subset of feminists who are extremists on the abortion issue. It was coined by Thomas Hazlet but Limbaugh made it popular.

            As Limbaugh put it, there are only a handful of feminazis, abortion extremists who appear to take every live birth as a personal defeat.

            If you, or others, misuse the term, that is hardly Rush’s fault.

            Spend more than 2 seconds and look it up



          2. @Tabor

            You say “Feminazis” is not hate speech. I say it is. In fact, your saying it is just “a term” is right up there with your repeated claims that there is nothing racist about birtherism so I need not cite Limbaugh’s years of effort promoting that racist meme as a second example of his spreading hate speech.

            As for your Wikileaks cite, it is beyond laughable how you cherry-pick from it to support your opinion while ignoring most of it which conveys this message . . .

            “Limbaugh used the term “to marginalize any feminist as a hardline, uncompromising manhater”, and The New York Times has described it as “one of [Limbaugh’s] favorite epithets for supporters of women’s rights”

            So, even your own source refutes your claim that he was circumspect in applying it. And that, in fact, it IS Limbaugh’s fault that the term is taken as hate speech directed at millions of women.

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          3. What you say and what the NYT says is irrelevant and simply untrue. I have heard Limbaugh use the term and only in exactly the context he states. Do you have documented quotes of him using it outside that context?


          4. @Tabor

            He used that hate speech so much over the years that it became the subject of many articles including the Wikipedia one you linked to. Here is another one laying out how it started as you stated be devolved to become the slur we all know today . . .


            Here is another where he is quoted as referring to 500,000 women demonstrating for reproductive rights as Feminazis.


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  4. When I was young and idealistic, three years ago, I believed there was not a human life for which I would not sacrifice even my beloved dogs. Since then, I’ve softened. Now I believe there are some people who I would not feed to my dogs to save their lives, not because human life is more valuable, but to protect them from some vile poison deep in the bone.

    Rush is not fit to feed to alligators.

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  5. Having survived cancer myself 13 years ago, I too, can say, that I would never wish it on anyone. Even someone who’s views are as skewered as Mr. Limbaugh’s. If this takes him off the air to survive, than so be it. I wish him well in his battle and that it is a long and successful recovery.

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