Land mines are back in play…why?

Civilians bear the brunt of land mine use, particularly after the shooting stops.

Under the neo-Cons and Bush, we brought torture to the palette of tools for war, and now this.

It seems the shining light on the hill has dimmed considerably.

8 thoughts on “Land mines are back in play…why?

  1. Fortunately, unlike Messrs Bush and Obama, Mr Trump is not a warmongering nut-job. In fact, Gens Kristol, Kagen, Wolfowitz, et al, made their way into Hillary’s camp for the 2016 campaign.

    Mr Trump has transformed the GOP and these days, the warmongering ideologies of these people are a better fit for the Dem tribe.

    In any case, the article you linked indicates that Mr Mattis ordered a review of the land-mind policy in 2017; however, at this time, nothing has been released.


      1. Specifically, I cannot tell you, and since 2003, much of what you could find online about our military systems has since disappeared (innocuous or not).

        BUT, there is ONE thing, aside from death and taxes, on which you can rely, the military exaggerates… EVERYTHING. And that which they don’t exaggerate is either completely wrong, having been developed on faulty assumptions, or is simply a flat out lie.

        Besides, an inert trigger does not an inert bomblet make. Any 10-year old boy with a screwdriver is as good a trigger as has ever been designed.

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    1. Bringing back torture and land mines. A two-fer.

      Considering that Kim is a friend, and mentor I suppose, for Trump, then I assume we’ll see our own gulags for those who criticize Dear Leader.

      After all, who is going to stop him? Congressional oversight has just been erased from the Constitution.

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