Super Bowl I

No link, just a story I might as well tell here.

The first Super Bowl, in 1967, wasn’t called the Super Bowl, and it was played at a back-up location a month after it’s scheduled date. Super Bowl I was played in January at the Los Angeles Coliseum, but it was originally scheduled to be played in December at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. But, after a great deal of time and effort had been expended, a number of the black players on the teams announced they would boycott the game if it was played in the Deep South so it was rescheduled and played in LA instead.

Super Bowl I wasn’t the big deal Super Bowl’s are today. The Pre-Game show was by the team’s cheerleaders and the halftime show was by the University of Arizona marching band.

The original halftime show planned for New Orleans was to be by the State Champion High School Marching Band, the Tiger Band from Bayouland, from Thibodaux, LA. When the game was moved, the disappointed band performed it’s halftime show for the town, and it was broadcast on the New Orleans NBC affiliate.

I was the guy with the cymbals.

10 thoughts on “Super Bowl I

  1. I love stories like that. Thanks.

    My sister-in-law is from an old Baton Rouge family. A pure Swede married a Cajun (military life does mix things up). Although the family would have cringed at being called that.

    I gather Thibodaux is your hometown. On Google maps it looks to be smack in the Bayou.

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  2. So this begs the question, for ANYONE of the 25 of us, who ya rootin’ for and why?

    I’m pulling for KC because 1) 2 teams having 6 SB’s is enough (Full disclosure – Steelers fan), and 2) They haven’t won it in 50 years. (But I think SF D is gonna figure out a way to slow down Mahomes and Co.)


    1. With 2 years in a row of the Saints being refereed out of the playoff’s I’m not for anyone. I’ll just watch the commercials and play dominoes with the grandkids during the game.


      1. Lack of rhythm?

        I also played in my HS band. Baritone horn. Think a tuba that was left in the dryer too long. We actually played for Ronald Reagan during the 1980 campaign. I stayed in the band for 2 reasons. 1) Twirlers and dance team girls were H-O-T. (Remember this was HS before I evolved into the non-misogynistic man I am today) and we traveled a lot for competitions. 2) It got me out of regular PE. The amount of marching practice we did was plenty of exercise, 6 out of the 9 months of the school year.


        1. Whatever it was saved me.

          There were 5 of us who set the curve at our High School. Glenn and I lacked musical talent. Glenn is currently a brain surgeon, and I did OK. The other three of my brilliant friends formed a band, got into drinking and drugs, and in spite of a combined IQ easily over 400 for the three of them, one who should be on the Supreme Court is a parole officer, the best musician I have ever known tunes pianos, and the third who was a gifted mathematician boards dogs to get by.

          So, I am grateful for my failure as a musician.


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