WSJ: ‘He Is a Dictator’

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In its lead editorial today, WSJ responds to Gerry Nadler’s claim, summarizing the House Managers’ impeachment case, that Trump wants to be a dictator or worse, behaves like one:

“Let’s count the ways in which Mr. Trump is ‘all powerful.’ Does he control elections? His party lost two governorships in 2017, the House and a net six governorships in 2018, and another governorship and the Virginia Legislature in 2019.

“How about the courts? Mr. Trump’s policies were subject to some 40 national judicial injunctions in its first 32 months, compared to 20 for the Obama Administration in eight years. Mr. Trump often wins on appeal, but until he does his policy agenda has been blocked in the courts. Mr. Trump has not defied a judicial order.

“Does he control or censor the press? Nearly every major media outlet spent two years promoting a false story of his collusion with Russia. The press overwhelmingly supports impeachment and opposes his agenda. His plea to change the libel laws has gone nowhere.

“Does Mr. Trump control his own Administration? The bureaucracy leaks with seeming impunity, including the unprecedented leak of the transcripts of presidential calls with foreign leaders. One such disclosure by the famous whistleblower triggered Mr. Trump’s impeachment, making him only the third President to be impeached. As dictators go, Mr. Trump must be the least powerful in history.”

These observations echo ohers that Scott Adams has often made in refuting the “Trump = Hitler” meme. No rational person can sustain belief in such a thing because, on the evidence, Trump is one of the most honest and constitutionally discrete presidents we have ever had. It just seems otherwise to those who have been watching a bad movie.

3 thoughts on “WSJ: ‘He Is a Dictator’

  1. No, he isn’t a dictator. Not because of his intellectual honesty, but because of our system and size of government.

    And by “system” I include a robustly enforced First Amendment.

    And by size I include 50 powerful states with their own National Guards and political backboards. And, of course, just the vast size of our bureaucracy along with the very broad dispersal of the military both in scattered bases and personnel living among us as neighbors.

    A real estate wheeler-dealer who can’t get a legitimate loan because of his dishonesty is not about to take over our nation. And this is true no matter how many toadies he has accumulated in Congress. Most of those are as reliable as a Ford Pinto gas tank. They are only good until they get rear ended by Trump.

    Bam! Damn tailgaters.


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  2. RE: “No, he isn’t a dictator.”

    That’s progress, I guess. If he isn’t a dictator, then he shouldn’t be removed from office over the lie that he is.


    1. First, he won’t be removed. I’ve already said why.

      Second, it is not about his dictatorial aspirations or actions, feeble though they might be in reality, but rather his abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

      In my thinking, if Trump had not fired some of the people that were not afraid to confront Trump when he was either wrong or starting down a bad path, he would not be in this jam.

      “Only I can fix it” might have been a rallying cry for the fans, but running the executive branch of a country as big and powerful as we are is not a Don Quixote type job.

      His ignorance of policy, geography, the world players, domestic issues, etc. need not be a non-starter with the right advisors and consultants. Of course it helps to listen to people also.

      I know you don’t agree on this, but the Democratic leadership was not happy about calls for impeachment, despite the Mueller report and its contorted information by Barr, Pelosi knew it would be a problem to pursue that. So she did what she could to avoid it. But Trump just wouldn’t stop overstepping his bounds. And Congress does have oversight. So she had no choice but to uphold the Constitution.

      So here we are.

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