We are watching history and our exceptional constitutional republic in action.


These are contentious times for America.

Yet another test of our resilience and the Constitution as designed by the founders.

Regardless of one’s political stance and in spite of the hard partisan divide that has evolved in the last decades, watching this impeachment and trial is a testament to what we inherited from our brilliant founders.

Violence often accompanies crisis like this one. Revolutions and civil wars are all too commonly used to chase the elusive rule of law, yet usualLy succumb to the rule of force.

We survived the worst in 1865 and still maintained the Constitution as the foundation. And we moved on to do what nations do, but often better.

No matter the outcome of the trial, the decision will be arrived at by debate, argument and voting. We will maintain our stability. That is not to say that passions won’t be strong or vocal. However, there won’t be summary trials, executions, imprisonments or citizens hanging from lampposts.

I say this with confidence because we have been here before, done this before and still have the “I Was There” tee shirts.

The link shows that we are the oldest democracy around today. And there is good reason we will still be here tomorrow. Something to be proud of in my thinking.

OK, gloves back on and the bell rings for round number…I lost count.

37 thoughts on “We are watching history and our exceptional constitutional republic in action.

  1. We will survive, but the Dems’ presentation was rude, discourteous and offensive. On day one, Mr Roberts was forced to admonish the Nadler and it was all down-hill until Mr Four Pinocchio’s heads-on-a-pike Schiff-bomb . Clearly, the intent was to stir the most hateful elements of their tribe into a zombie-like frenzy. It was not an effort to persuade the Senate.

    By contrast, Mr Trump’s team is giving the Senate a thorough, professional and respectful presentation of the facts. Already, they have proven that Mr Trump had good reason to ask about the conflict of interest involving Uncle Joe, Hunter Biden and the notoriously corrupt gas company known as Burisma.

    They still need to clean up three days of BS that Mr Four Pinocchios’ team of turd-herders shoveled at the American people; however, Mr Trump’s team has completely demolished the Dems’ flimsy little articles.

    When Mr Trump steps up to the podium to deliver the SOTU address, he will forever be, unmistakably, unambiguously and absolutely exonerated.


    1. Excuse me, but are you discussing the current Senate trial in the United States? Or is it a chapter of the Game of Thrones?

      Trump will probably be acquitted, but not before we learn firsthand of his Mafia-like attempt at shaking down Zelenskiy and Ukraine. Mitch is taken care of and will make sure that happens. DOT money from his wife and lifted sanctions against a Russian oligarch who wants to spend some in Kentucky.

      With my money too. And yours, I suppose.

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      1. If you, or anybody else, wants to see just how “Games of Thrones (ish)” things in crazy town (WH) actually are, you should read “A Very Stable Genius”.

        I just finished the book and the numerous insights into the corruption and insanity of the Nitwit in Chief and his cabal is overwhelming.

        Kinda like Thad’s non-sensical screed….

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        1. A humerous take on Trump is “Commander in Cheat” by Reilly, a long time sports writer. He covers in great detail and with hundreds of interviews Trump’s golf and courses.

          I’m a lifelong golfer, and Trump’s relationship with the rules and etiquette of that game is just like what we see as president. He cheats for $10 and drives on greens. Yet so much more.

          Hilarious for even the most ardent supporter, though I doubt they’d admit it.

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          1. Life long player as well and don’t play without a wager involved.

            You quickly learn who you’re dealing with when you compete with them on the course. Core traits (cheating and lying) are revealed in a very visceral fashion when money and ego are involved.

            Trump would never get a match in the groups I play with…

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      2. RE: “Mitch is taken care of and will make sure that happens.”

        Are you accusing Mitch of criminal or unethical behavior? If you are, then you have a responsibility to:

        a) Be specific about your assertions;

        b) substantiate them; and

        c) explain how your substantiated assertions are relevant to the impeachment trial.

        Otherwise, your comment is just slandarous trolling.


        1. Check how much money his wife has sent to Kentucky for infrastructure. Then check how a Russian oligarch who was sanctioned by Trump, suddenly got his sanctions lifted to he could invest in Kentucky. Then check how Mitch bragged about coordinating his actions with the White House to make sure the trial was to Trump’s liking. And remember that Mitch has a 23% approval rating in his home state.

          There is more truth to this than to your incessant insistence that the Bidens are corrupt. Or that Shokin is not lying. Or that the NYT report on Bolton’s book is false.

          Bottom line, I have my opinions and you have yours. And evidently, never the twain shall meet.

          You can accuse me of slander and trolling all you want if it helps float your boat.

          But that does not change my view of Mitch, Trump and the whole stinking Republican party in today’s political arena. Or for the last 25 years or so for that matter.

          You know that Schiff was on the money about his “head on a pike” statement because the GOP expressed a pretty good imitation of self-righteous outrage. Then they called the White House in a panic. And for icing on the rotten cake, Joni Ernst let the cat out of her purse that this is all about crippling Biden for the election. All of it.

          And these are the people in charge of our country. They are selling our nation down the drain to satisfy a populist con artist who is effectively blackmailing them for support.

          There, now I feel better. Thanks. Nothing like getting accused of slander when I am right to get some aerobic exercise at the keyboard.

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        2. RE: “You can accuse me of slander and trolling all you want if it helps float your boat.”

          My pleasure, but your answer fails the three-part test I recommended:

          a) Be specific about your assertions;

          b) substantiate them; and

          c) explain how your substantiated assertions are relevant to the impeachment trial.

          Try dealing with just a) to begin with. What specific crime or breach of ethics are you alleging? To give you an example, with Biden the alleged crime is bribery and the known ethics violation is conflict of interest.


          1. With Mitch, I told you. DOT and Russian oligarch sanction relief. In addition to coordinating the trial specifics with team Trump in the White House.

            “I am so sorry to put you through this Mr. Gotti. We have the jury in our pocket, the judge is considered favorable to our side. Perhaps a nice Diet Coke and a Quarter Pounder can be brought in should you prefer watching on FOX”. Anything else, sir? By the way nice tie.”

            The alleged crime is not with Biden, it is with Trump. Bribery fits, more like extortion. Conflict of interest does too. Trump’s interests conflict with the national interests.

            Biden’s “crime” was being a front runner last year with polls showing him beating Trump by 10+ points.

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          2. RE: “With Mitch, I told you. DOT and Russian oligarch sanction relief.”

            What crime or ethics violation do you see there?


          3. RE: “I told you twice.”

            No, you didn’t. So I must assume you can’t name the crime or ethics violation. And without that you comments meet the formal definition of slander, which is why I’m bringing the issue to your attention.


          4. “No, you didn’t”.

            If you say so. I have stated my opinion. If you don’t like it, refute it.

            Otherwise, what you see is what you get.

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          5. RE: “I have stated my opinion. If you don’t like it, refute it.”

            OK. I refute your allegation that Mitch McConnel has committed a crime or ethical violation by the simple that no one but you has accused him of any such thing.

            You seem to think he colluded with White House attorneys in some nefarious way, but the trial in the Senate has been in fact a model of procedural fairness. If nefarious collusion occured, as you claim, it’s effect would be obvious in the conduct of the trial, but there is no trace of it.

            I want you to stop saying things in this forum you know to be false or unsubstantiated. I actually wish everybody in this forum would stop committing slander, but I make this plea to you, personally, because I believe you to be reachable. Opinions are not facts, but they can be lies.


          6. “Everything I do during this, I’m coordinating with the White House counsel,” he added. “There will be no difference between the president’s position and our position as to how to handle this.”

            McConnell said that the president would determine whether Senate Republicans will move forward with a quick trial with no witnesses.

            “I’m going to take my cues from the president’s lawyers,” McConnell said. “if you know you have the votes, you’ve listened to the arguments on both sides and believe the case is so slim — so weak — that you have the votes to end it, that might be what the president’s lawyers would prefer.”


            If that is not colluding, Mitch calls in coordinating, they I am afraid one of us is clueless.

            Remember Congress has oversight according to the Constitution. If taking cues from the defense in an impeachment trial is oversight, then I’ll sell you a tunnel to Portsmouth.

            “McConnell wants a quick trial — and White House officials confirmed to CNN that they are on the same page with the leader.
            “We want this to start as quickly as possible,” said Eric Ueland, the White House legislative director. “We want the President to be acquitted as quickly as possible.”


            And that is setting the verdict, long before the trial even begins.

            Sorry you assertions about me not telling the truth is, well, not the truth.

            But you knew this before. And now you know it again.

            Please be honest.

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          7. RE: “If that is not colluding, Mitch calls in coordinating, they I am afraid one of us is clueless.”

            Colluding, coordinating. It doesn’t matter. Neither is a crime or unethical.

            Unless you can show that McConnel did something wrong, I would suggest that coordinating with the defense is a necessary part of his job in an impeachment trial. He coordinated with the prosecution, too. I would also suggest that McConnell is entitled to his opinion of the case on the merits.

            So, again, unless you can show how the Democrats or the Impeachment Managers are getting a raw deal, then I can’t understand what your beef is.


    2. You know things are going well for you when your defense team spends more time defending themselves than they do defending you…

      Alan Dirtobag sitting in a Chevrolet,
      All day long he sits and shifts.
      All day long he shifts and sits…

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    3. “Mr Roberts was forced to admonish the Nadler “…

      Nadler was NOT the only one admonished on day one. BOTH sides were admonished to remember that they were presenting information in “the world’s most deliberative body.”

      While that is the reputation of the Senate today, I question how deliberative the body is when members of both sides have predetermined the outcome. Several are guilty of violating their oath to do “impartial justice”.

      “Mr Four Pinocchio’s heads-on-a-pike Schiff-bomb:… He quoted a report from CBS News concerning the threat allegedly made by Trump to ANY GOP Senator who went against him. He even opened the statement by saying …”according to a CBS News report”… How does that qualify for your four pinnochios characterization? While I doubt Mr. Trump even knows what a pike is, he knows it sounds really, really scary.

      Based on your off-the-rails screed against the managers, it is you who is deserving of, at a minimum of 2-and-a-half P’s.

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  2. To paraphrase the late, great Hunter S., “The Trump Administration is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good little Republicans die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”

    “Okay, okay, witnesses. How about just one each?” A loose lug on the wheel of the crosstown bus.

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  3. We will survive, but not without leaving scars on the Constitution. Expect every future President who loses control of the House of Representatives, which happens often in off year elections, to be Impeached from now on. We will live in an eternal game of get-even-ism.

    The move to impeach Trump began the night of the election and the Ukraine is only the latest “cause” grasped as the clock ran out.

    Impeachment as a tool to sabotage a President is now firmly established in our politics, and our Constitution is permanently degraded as a result.


    1. I agree. When investigations are started on presidents from day one, we have a problem.

      Take Clinton, for example.

      Or the birther movement and formalized total non cooperation.

      The fact is that the GOP discovered they have a hard time winning the presidency by ballots, so they have been trying to cripple Democrats ever since.

      Trump brought all this on himself. Yes, there were Democrats that called for impeachment from the early days, but that was not necessarily representative of the party and its leadership. Nancy has a similar problem with her party has Boehner had with his. The difference is that she had control until Trump forced her hand.

      And now we know for a fact that Trump was extorting Ukraine, but the GOP, except for panicking, could care less. In public at least. And Joni Ernst now admitting that Biden has been the target all along.

      So yes, there is damage to the Constitution, but most of the fault lies with a GOP that has been so corrupted with the efforts to grasp power at all costs.


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        1. Oh, we do. The Senate is just going through the motions because they have to. All the testimony, the records, the texts even the edited “transcript” scream extortion. Bolton will seal the deal that it was a planned course of action to damage Biden and the Democrats.

          Then at least we will know that the senate will have acquitted a guilty president.

          Win at all costs. Isn’t that what life is all about? Trump thinks so.

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        2. RE: “Oh, we do.”

          You have been taking lessons from Mr. Murphy: We know it because you say so. Maybe all the honorable men and women in the Senate should have consulted you before taking a notion that they were dealing with real questions that required their deliberation to settle.

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          1. Deliberations? Mitch bragged about his mind is made up and will discuss with Trump how to wrap this up with a quick acquittal.

            Shoot, all most of the GOP wants is to vote a quick acquittal and disappear for a few weeks so as not to answer for their cowardly actions.

            Now the Bolton revelations have ruined everything. They may have to lay low for a month or more.

            Blindsided describes the reactions of many. That is another word for “WTF, you sat on this for nearly a month without telling anyone so we could tap dance a different routine.”

            This whole charade is what I call dark comedy. Yes, I believe this is serious stuff. I also believe Trump is a liar, corrupt, a cheat, is ignorant and a threat to our nation. And I believe he abused his office and was so cocky or clueless that he told us in a edited interpretation. Knowing nobody in Congress would actually do anything. And even if they did impeach, the senate would never convict.

            You don’t.

            So there we are. What I just described is not because I say so. It is because in my opinion it is so.

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          2. Len, you know as well as I do that facts have no weight with these people. You and I both are going to die of CTE from banging our heads against the blockheads.


          3. RE: “What I just described is not because I say so. It is because in my opinion it is so.”

            Same thing. You might want to consider that your frustrations with McConnell and the GOP wouldn’t exist at all if the House had produced an effective prosecution.

            That is, a quick acquittal wouldn’t even be an option if the articles of impeachment themselves, and Pelosi’s gamesmanship didn’t make the whole enterprise a sham in the eyes of many observers.


          4. “… if the House had produced an effective prosecution.”

            First of all, the House was not prosecuting. That takes place in the Senate.

            Next, the House got as much information as possible with the White House stonewalling everything.

            Finally, the idea that we have a fair trial with no corroborating witnesses, particularly first hand witnesses that were denied by stonewalling, and no documents entered into evidence is evidence of my opinion that the whole thing was rigged. Trump knew that, which is why he doesn’t give a damn about the trial.

            Also, I said the team Trump lied about no Republicans in SCIF. You said that the lawyer asserted it was the president and his lawyers locked out.

            “Not even Mr. Schiff’s Republican colleagues were allowed into the SCIF,” Cipollone said, referring to House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, who is also the Democrats’ lead impeachment manager.”

            There were in fact 48 Republicans in that hearing. Team Trump lied…again and again and again.

            I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you just didn’t pay attention.

            So stonewalling, trying to prevent witnesses (that may have failed), lying…it just boggles the mind how corrupt the GOP is as well as scared of the regime. Scared of the president they are suppose oversee when his action are reprehensible.

            The only patriots left are the Democrats.


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  4. The only thing Donald Trump is guilty of is ruining Dems’ and the fakestream media’s Madam President dream and rocking their little status quo. I never expected the swamp-state to go easy and I expect them to continue going after Mr Trump for the next five yrs.

    Heck, I’d be worried if they weren’t going after him!

    Swamp-state corruption will outlast all of us, for Dems are determined to ensure its survival.


    1. You seem to believe that the “swamp-state” is strictly a Democratic issue. That just goes to prove that you have no idea what you are talking about because the swamp is not party driven; It is POWER driven. Party (and country) be damned in the name of power.


      1. There are no doubt corrupt GOPsters — plenty of them. However, Dems in the FBI, CIA, etc, conspired and illegally spied on Mr Trump’s campaign and then — they illegally spied on the POTUS!

        Seriously, after Jan/2017, there was no legitimate foundation for continuing to investigate the Trump team. Nearly everyone agrees — yet, for nearly a yr, they continued to renew FISA warrants.

        You can call it whatever you want — but after Mr Trump was sworn in, it became sedition.

        (Yes, I know the Dem talking points; thus, you need not parrot them.)

        “I think the activities don’t vindicate anybody who touched this.” Michael Horowitz

        Actually, I do not expect the swamp-state to bust itself. However, John Durham has done it before, so we will see.


        1. Congressional oversight is NOT sedition. It is a Constitutional duty. Something Trumpers don’t seem to understand. For 2 years there was no oversight because the GOP refused to do its duty. That could have been one of several reasons why they lost the House. Once the Democrats took control, they started fulfilling their duties. Too bad this president doesn’t even know how to spell Constitution. let alone ever read it. Article II does not say he can do whatever he wants. No matter how many times he says it.


          1. Illegally spying on the POTUS is not oversight — it is sedition.

            Article II does allow the President to do whatever he wants when it comes to firing those who work for the executive branch. For those who can read and comprehend the English language, that is the context in which those words were uttered.

            Let me guess, you believe the “fine people” hoax, too, right?


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