Democrats poised to pass the lawyer’s full employment act

LGBTQLMNOP protected class

You do realize this is about creating an undefinable protected class which can then sue anybody for anything.

7 thoughts on “Democrats poised to pass the lawyer’s full employment act

  1. RE: “You do realize this is about creating an undefinable protected class which can then sue anybody for anything.”

    Yes, but for those who don’t realize it, the summary of the house bill itself makes it plain:

    “Creates explicit causes of action for unlawful discrimination in public accommodations and employment in the Virginia Human Rights Act…The bill prohibits discrimination in public and private employment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

    Sexual orientation and gender identity being subjective matters, any one can give to himself the protected status needed to trigger the whole apparatus of the law to support a private objective.


  2. I never thought any government would seriously consider codifying that a male has the “right” to intrude on the privacy rights of my wife and daughters much less open the door to lawsuits against anyone who refers to them by what they biologically are.


  3. Spoken like someone who has never been discriminated against for who he is. I wonder how you would feel if businesses stopped serving you because you were a Libertarian Dentist who lives in Chesapeake. You are refused service in restaurants, by doctors, refused to have your heating system serviced. Just because of who you are.

    In 1968, my father’s accepted bid on a new home was rejected because the seller found out we were a Jewish family. And ONLY because of that.

    LGTBQ rights are civil rights. It is not about creating a protected class; it is about protecting basic civil rights for ALL.


    1. There is a difference between banning discrimination and creating a protected class with presumptive cause of action.

      There are disabled people who make a living traveling the country with a tape measure shaking down business owners because a grab bar in a restroom is a half inch too low or other technical violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Similar abuses happen every day with abuses of the civil rights act.

      In this day of reputation reporting websites, there are market based remedies for discrimination that don’t require a new summer home for every lawyer in the country.


      1. We should also consider the proper scope of civil rights.

        By definition civil rights are artificially created, or statutory rights. They are different from natural rights which, arguably, people are born with.

        We shouldn’t confuse the two, and it should also be obvious that those civil rights which are not based on natural rights are inherently undesirable.


      2. Let’s keep it simple, shall we.

        If everyone were treated equally and not discriminated against because of the color of their skin, who they love, who they are, or any other reason, then these laws would not be needed. But because certain segments of our society are marginalized and discriminated against, they should be afforded the same treatment as everyone else.

        And in natural rights, they call for all people to be treated equally. Period.


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