The Death of an Icon…

In the trying times this country finds itself in today, it is sad to note the passing of a local iconic figure.

Farewell, our friend. You will be missed.

C’mon. We all need a bit of a smile these days.

9 thoughts on “The Death of an Icon…

  1. I lived in Suffolk after leaving the Navy. Quite a change from growing up in Brooklyn. The sounds of bullfrogs and crickets supplanted the sirens and horns and like Joe Pesci in “My Cousin Vinnie”, I almost had a hard time sleeping at first.

    The other bit of trivia was that the peanut was a big deal. A really huge deal, actually. And I learned to drop a handful of salted nuts from a ten cent cello sleeve from a vending machine into a Coke, or more likely an RC. Never understood that culinary curiosity, but participation was part of a long rehabilitation process to excise the “north” from me. Of course, my accent was tell tale and still is today.

    Obici was the classic American immigrant success story. From pushcart to an iconic major industry is legendary. And his mark on both Suffolk and the US was remarkable.

    I’m not sure why Mr. Peanut had to not just die, but die a violent death. Some ad guru thought it was a good idea I suppose. Focus groups, data analysis…

    BTW, the best peanuts are still the locally sourced and roasted ones like those sold by Virginia Diner and Hubs. Big with blisters and just so far superior to Planters.

    (Confession: I did work for both and still do some freelance ads for the Diner.)

    Thanks for the link.

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    1. You’re welcome.

      There is some speculation that MR. Peanut will pull a Jon Snow and come back to life. Or maybe they are going to start marketing a new line of peanut butter.

      I’ve heard that about the Diner nuts before. May have to stop the next time I am out that way.


    2. In other advertising news, the penguins that used to accompany polar bears in Coca Cola commercials have been replaced with puffins.

      While puffins don’t live in exactly the same places as polar bears, they are at least in the right hemisphere.

      The penguins really annoyed me.


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