Gun rally proponents are showing their true colors…treason.

Some pertinent and interesting quotes:

“Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia,” Trump tweeted. “That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you Dems!”

“Sen. Amanda F. Chase (R-Chesterfield), who plans to speak at the rally, warned on Facebook that authorities might send a troublemaker into the crowd — a “government plant,” she said — to cause a disruption as an excuse to arrest attendees on “domestic terrorist” charges.”

“Let me make one thing unequivocally clear: I do not advocate for violence ever, ever,” Yingling said. “But if he [Northam] keeps pushing people, people are going to feel that they’re not going to have another choice.”

“The frustrating thing to me is, if something does happen, that’ll be all people talk about,” Van Cleave said. “My view is, we have no control. We’re telling police everything we know about and trusting them to do their job.”

OK, let’s see what we have here from leaders.

“…2nd Amendment is under very serious attack…”

“…authorities might send a troublemaker into the crowd…”

“…people are going to feel that they’re not going to have another choice.”

“…we have no control.”

If there were better ways to advocate violence while sounding apologetic or not responsible I am not sure what it would be.

I love the “people not having another choice”. Of course they do. It is called the ballot box. But these #$%holes are deciding that if they don’t like what is happening, then they will react violently.

In my opinion anyone who advocates violence because they don’t like a law or a government should be charged with treason.

24 thoughts on “Gun rally proponents are showing their true colors…treason.

  1. “In my opinion anyone who advocates violence because they don’t like a law or a government should be charged with treason.”

    An obvious caveat is needed here. I am talking about our laws and our government. We need improvement in a lot of ways, but blanket oppression and rule by dictatorial fiat is pretty far from what we have. Trump will have pushed the limits, perhaps, but so far we have more freedoms than most in the world.

    I thought I would get that out since there are a fair number of “give me liberty…” folks out there.

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  2. So, you string together enough out of context quotes from different sources, seasoned with lots of ellipses, and voila, you have treason.

    We’ve been having Lobby Day every year since 2003. and there has never been an incident. The only ones seeking to provoke violence are Northam and his Northern Virginia bullies.

    There are dozens of proposed laws that do nothing to enhance safety and serve only as a poke in the eye to rural citizens and they are being pushed through with little opportunity for debate. Major bills deeply affecting individual rights were passed out of the Justice committee with only 5 minutes of comment allowed. That’s not 5 minutes per commenter, it was 5 minutes TOTAL.

    I’ve been going to the General Assembly a long time, for eminent domain and for menhaden, and I’ve never seen major legislation jammed down anyone’s throats like this. Even when the GOP was killing bills in committee, you at least got to speak your piece.

    I want this resolved at the ballot box and in the courts, but I am convinced that Northam is hoping for violence from some hothead to further his cause.


    1. I disagree that Northam is hoping for violence.

      It is pretty obvious that the threats he mentioned last week were credible since they have arrested 6 already.

      I did give the full quotes from each before I made my case. If they are out of context, I cannot imagine what context would have given them credibility for anything other than encouraging violence.

      I was particularly incensed by that state legislator, Amanda Chase who “warned” about the government sending in troublemakers. She is the government for Pete’s sake. That was irresponsible conspiracy mongering designed to foment trouble if not serious violence.

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      1. But why is Lobby Day, which has been peaceful and respectful since 2003, suddenly drawing Nazi scum from far away states and even Canada? It never has before, only now that Northam is pushing dozens of insulting and provocative bills, many of which he has know will be struck down in the courts, if not to goad those of short temper.

        It is Northam who chose to make Virginia ground zero in his Master Bloomberg’s war on Liberty.

        And what is wrong with Amanda Chase? Is it somehow unacceptable that a woman can be pro 2nd Amendment, just as the left reviles a black who is conservative? Did another one escape the plantation?


        1. “if not to goad those of short temper.”

          While I can’t know another person”s mind, it may be that he knows that what ever is passed and is Constitutional will only be a very small portion of what is put forth.

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        2. “Is it somehow unacceptable that a woman can be pro 2nd Amendment,”

          How did you get that reasoning from what I wrote. I don’t care what gender she is, she is inciting violence by “warning” of government employees or paid contractors trying to start fights. And she is the government herself.

          She is the one who is trying to start trouble, not Northam.

          And you are blaming Northam for making this a big deal. Trump tweeted about the “attacks on the 2nd”, Van Cleave invited every nutjob around the country.

          The right wing has all the blame and then some. The second amendment folks need better friends.

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        3. “She is inciting violence by warning people not to let provocateurs get them to do something violent?”

          Because she is the government. What does she know that the rest of us should be wary of. Is she part of a scheme to hire thugs? Does she have such contempt for the government she willingly represents that she wants to undermine law enforcement efforts to keep people safe? She is sowing the seeds for disrespect at the rally. “Watch out, the government is going to trick you.”

          Like I said several times, the gun lobby invited all these people from around the country and now they are trying to avoid responsibility.

          Like the arsonist who sets the fire then waits for the Fire Department to show up.

          You are blaming the Democrats who were voted into office in part to strengthen our gun laws. The electorate wants universal background checks by about 80-90%. There is good support for the gun a month law and some other tweaks. So now that they have some proposals that may or may not get into the law books, they are at fault for the gun lobby’s miscalculation after “calling all thugs” went out.

          Northam is doing all he can to prevent violence and still let people carry their arms. The gun lobby would prefer a free-for-all and let any victims be, as Clemenza in the “Godfather”, “pain in the ass innocent bystanders”.

          I can’t believe I am having this conversation with someone who blames the governor for what VCDL has purposefully, and maybe even with malice aforethought by the self-described “extremist” Van Cleave, organized.

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          1. No, Sen Chase IS NOT the government. She is the representative and servant of the people of her district. Her primary duty to those constituents is to protect their rights. And that especially includes protecting those rights FROM the government. That is how our Constitution is constructed, to limit the powers of government and keep it subservient to the people. We DO NOT serve the government.

            We did not invite out of state militias or hate groups, but they are coming and we have to do what we can to keep them from changing the spirit of Lobby Day, which has always been peaceful persuasion. We did not contact anybody, not even the NRA. We learned they were coming on social media and we are trying to keep those who are reasonable peaceful. but we know there are some coming for their own agendas. We can’t stop them, if we could, we would.

            If you’re looking for your arsonist, look no further that the Democratic leadership who went far beyond the issues they campaigned on. We would not have tens of thousands of people traveling here from out of state if the debate was over background checks and one-gun-a-month. It is the effort to extinguish hunting in a generation, seize control of private property, and confiscate every modern firearm we own that brought national attention to Virginia.

            It is the Democrats who decided this was the time and place to make the heartland the slave of the city.

            Soldiers, good or bad, ride to the sound of the cannon.


          2. Yes, Chase is a representative for her constituents. She is also a lawmaker. Her bills and votes help determine what we can and can’t do. I don’t know her record, but as a Republican chances are she has at least voted for some laws that I find wrong.

            That makes her as much a part of government as any other elected official.

            Extinguish hunting, seize control of private property and confiscate your modern weapons?

            Citations please.

            When VA was passing the vaginal ultrasound laws did pro choice bring in militias?

            I don’t recall that.

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          3. “We did not invite out of state militias”…

            This quote form the NYT/Pilot piece on Mr. Van Cleave says otherwise.

            “Although he has said that he wants Monday’s rally at the state Capitol to be “a peaceful event about gun rights and nothing else,” Van Cleave has also welcomed militias and other anti-government groups to help lobby state lawmakers in opposition to the proposed gun control measures.”

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  3. I seriously doubt that Dems have any idea of the magnitude of the hornet’s nest they have swatted. Gun-owners are gonna be fired up in 2020. There are +/-90 million of them and Dems cannot even count that far. Heck, Mini Mike is not even rich enough to buy them off.

    You don’t have to be that good of shot to shoot yourself in the foot and Dems will lose even more rural/rust-belt states in 2020.


      1. Why do you keep making that claim? It is patently untrue.

        HB591, the current version of the “Assault Weapons Ban” makes ownership pf any firearm that can accept a magazine holding more than 10 rounds a felony. It doesn’t matter if you have a 10 round magazine or smaller in it, if it is capable of accepting a larger magazine it is banned. That is virtually every semi-automatic firearm in existence.

        And there is much more in works

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        1. We’ll see what gets passed. Apparently VA is not the first state to curtail capacities. Why we are ground zero all of a sudden is probably through social media which has no boundaries.

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  4. Wow, liberals throwing around big accusations of treason like it is a parking violation. How about adding in some bribery or a high crime and misdeneaner to the extremist salad bowl. Don’t you realize what a putz you sound like with this extremist crap? Keep it up though, just another gift.


    1. “ It got to a point where I really didn’t even want to look up too much during the [State of the Union] over to that side because honestly, it was bad energy. Even on positive news, really positive news like that, they were like death and un-American. Un-American. Somebody said treasonous. I mean, yeah, I guess, why not.”

      Treason for not applauding at the State of the Union address?

      Now there is a true putz. And it wasn’t even a parking violation. Imagine that.

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  5. RE: “In my opinion anyone who advocates violence because they don’t like a law or a government should be charged with treason.”

    Right. That’s rational.

    Maybe people who advocate cursing in response to a speeding ticket should be hung by neck until dead.

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    1. Of course cursing and advocating violence against the government to overturn legislative actions are equivalent.

      How could I not see that?

      Bob must be right. What a putz I am.

      Maybe both should be well hung…uh, by the neck I mean.

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  6. I am for anyone owning a gun so long as they take full responsibility for every round fired, and the only way to do this is with two laws — “self-defense is not a legal justification for innocent bystander casualties, i.e., stray rounds carry the full weight of an intentional shooting,” and “a gun damage liability insurance mandate.”

    I and mine should never be the victim of your fear.

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      1. That is a silly article. Police shootouts with criminals and suspects should be compared to CHP shootouts with criminals and suspects.

        Comparing accuracy and safety on the range versus firing at cornered drug dealers in an alley at night is not relevant.

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      2. Police are, by law, given wider latitude. They act on behalf of the State and are given a level of immunity for their actions. But then, the State is able to shoulder the burden of making whole the lives of those who may be inadvertently killed or injured.
        Can every CHP holder say that they could settle $Milllon judgements?
        I’ll accept two solutions — mandated insurance, or State insurance. If you’re a CHP holder, then the State insures you. The price of the permit may have to change.
        My guess that the 70% criminal hit record is that they have the advantage. They KNOW they’re going to shoot. Just another guess, ambushed police officers probably bias those results a lot.

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