We laughed at Reagan’s “ketchup is a vegetable”, and now french fries are veggies.


Of course we know it is because it was an “Obama thing” getting school children to eat healthier lunches. Can’t have that.

Yes, I get the “personal choice and responsibility” thing. But these are grade school kids. Given a choice between pizza and a garden salad or cheese cake and apples guess what happens.

Childhood obesity is epidemic. We took away exercise periods except for already gifted future athletes and now we want to return to feeding them crap because the food lobby is crying the blues.

We can’t even meet military quotas in part because our young men and women are not physically fit enough to pass the most basic entrance tests.

I get that Trump eats burgers and fries. But he is also fat. Not a good role model.

21 thoughts on “We laughed at Reagan’s “ketchup is a vegetable”, and now french fries are veggies.

  1. What has more nutritional value, a strip of bacon a teenager eats or a leaf of kale in the garbage can?

    That was the problem with Mrs Obama’s lunch decrees, ideally healthy food went in the trash while slightly poorer choices would have been accepted. The caloric guidelines did not take into consideration such things as athletic team membership. The football player got the same meal as the captain of the debate team.

    One size does not fit all.

    When it comes to health, the government can give advice(though for 40 years it gave the wrong advice) but ultimately we are free people and government has no business forcing our choices.


  2. Hey! It’s not called an “earth apple” (in French, pomme de terre) for nothing. So, it’s a fruit.

    Cheer up, when Trump is finished with us, they’ll be eating road apples.

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    1. And let’s not kid ourselves; that it’s not about the big money interests that lobbied and contributed political funding to get their business back.

      I actually agree it’s a parenting problem, but there is nothing wrong in limiting unhealthy choices.

      As I always told. My kids (and grandkids) “if you’re hungry you’ll eat it”.

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      1. My father had a favorite expression in Swedish, which we always spoke at home until my parents passed on to Valhalla.


        “I would rather eat than see my children starve.”

        Made sense to me.

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  3. RE: “Of course we know it is because it was an ‘Obama thing’ getting school children to eat healthier lunches.”

    No, we don’t. Such lazy slanders are a “Rothman thing.”

    The Agriculture Department has no business regulating school lunches.


    1. Cranky this morning, are we?

      Since my taxes are paying for schools and subsidizing lunches, I might disagree. The USDA looks out for the health and wealth of Big Agra, so a little attention to what our schools are feeding children is not a bad idea. Diet soda with pizza and Little Debbies are not the breakfast of champions despite the best marketing efforts of our food industry.

      As far as Obama, it is no state secret that the current president has hated him since the birther movement caught his attention. Silly man just can’t get over the fact that his inauguration crowd paled in comparison.

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    2. “The Agriculture Department has no business regulating school lunches.’

      Actually, they do. Just because you don’t like the fact (damn there’s THAT word again) that it is part of their job is no reason to attack Len. Also, he’s right. Which I know means nothing to you.

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        1. RE: “So what?”

          Mr. Rothman (and you, apparently) believes that because a law is on the books, it is a good law. That a law on the books may be a bad law changes the conversation to one about first principles. That’s a pretty significant “so what?”


          1. I believe that we can do better than pizza for school lunches and since I’m paying for it I thought I’d voice my opinion.

            Wandering into the wildlife of legal philosophy about this topic was not my point.

            I think I’ll have my salad now.

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